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The Palers' Band plays Lejre, Denmark

Closing date 15 June 2006 (now past!)

Many thanks to everyone who filled in the form : repertoire details on their way to you soon. This page is now closed!

The Palers' Band is a 'scratch ensemble' that meets to play Procol / Brooker / Fisher music on the fringes of the real band's gigs: it is open to all and is brilliant fun to be part of. In 2006 we're meeting at Domus Felix, Lejre, near Copenhagen, Denmark. All equipment ... backline, PA, Hammond B3, bass, drums ... is supplied by BtP (Palers' Revels ticket-receipts cover this), but people bring their own guitars.

The sessions will be held on Wednesday 16, Thursday 17, and Friday 18 August (detailed times to be announced): performances (a different set of songs each night) will be at the Procol after-show parties on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August.

Entrance is by advance booking only, and it is not a free-for-all jam: the repertoire is worked out in advance by e-mail collaboration, and organised by Roland from BtP on the basis of preferences that the participants express in the form below. Players can thus prepare beforehand, knowing what pieces they will play, and in what keys. That said, we do have a lot of fun in rehearsal as well :-)

Although the Procol orchestral shows are sold-out (Saturday) and likely to sell out (Sunday), BtP has acquired a supply of tickets for both shows. These will be made available to people who book for the after-show parties as well. Tickets are available at the BtP Shop.

Before you fill in the form, below, you might like to read The Palers' Band page and find out what sort of work we've done on the previous four occasions we've got together.

Then please answer all these questions, with some careful thought: the information sent in allows us to plan a good time for everyone, so that you will enjoy the Palers' Revels to the maximum. Do note, though, that we obviously cannot guarantee to accommodate everyone's desires, though we will try!

Your name (of course all this contact information is kept private by 'Beyond the Pale')

Your e-mail address

Your cell-phone number

Your Skype address / screen-name (free voice-to-voice communication will be very useful in the lead-up to rehearsal: get Skype here (it's free!))

Your real world address and landline 'phone number

Use the scrolling windows below to tell us what instruments you play, or don't play, and about your singing. Do this honestly, neither exaggerating nor disparaging your skills. You will be welcome whatever your standard, of course; but we need your self-estimate, so as to schedule who will play what songs with whom.

Piano (Roland RD 600 provided)

Hammond organ (Hammond B3 and Leslie 147 provided)

Guitar (bring your own guitar: Marshall gear provided)

Bass guitar (bass rig provided, or bring your own bass)

Drums (a suitable kit provided)

Singing (you're welcome to bring your preferred mic, but it's not necessary)

In this space, mention other instruments you can bring (reeds, brass, banjo, harmonica, accordion, percussion, etc) and how well you play them

What is your favourite Procol Harum album?

Suggest three songs maximum that you would like to play with the Palers' Band (Procol tracks [inc. rarities], Brooker, Fisher or Trower solo pieces)

Mention previous Palers' Band gigs you have played (Guildford 2000 / Kristiansand 2001 / Manchester 2001 / Los Angeles 2003)

To what extent do you want to be involved in the Danish Palers' Band sessions?

Dietary requirements (specially for the band barbecue on Thursday 18 August: book it here)

On which day are you planning to join the Palers' Band sessions? (booking information is here)

Which of the After-show Parties are you booking for? (booking information is here)

How often do you visit 'Beyond the Pale'?

Thanks for taking the trouble to fill in this survey.

Please press 'Send data to BtP' just once and wait for the page to respond, or 'Start afresh' if for some reason you wish to reset all your answers.

Don't click the button more than once, please. 


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