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Where now for Procol music live?

BtP invited to advertise a new proposal to fans

1 April 2022: the unhappiness of the past few weeks appeared to be lessening with a development on the live-Procol-music front, proposed first in a series of Messenger exchanges on the Procol Harum 2022 Facebook Group, which is managed by the ‘Beyond the Pale’ team.

Would BtP be willing, asked a correspondent identifying him- or her-self as Vox Abysso, to publicise a promising music project … now read on.

Vox Abysso
-it will be groundbraking – u heard of the analogs who play beatles tunes with original instruments exactly the same music as on the records but its all songs the beatle never played becos they have stopped touring- p harum have stopped touring and we will do same 4 there music

‘Beyond the Pale’
Yes indeed, I admire The Analogues a lot. But it’s a different story with Procol for several reasons. Until Covid prevented them touring, Procol could perfectly well play their recent records on stage AND what is much more interesting develop the recorded versions.

did u hear them live

Only 99 times to date, as it happens.

well u will know well how that they do not tour with orchestras ect

They’ve played forty times with orchestras. Please read for further details.

that is not relevant here – we are a consortium with dozens of years exprerince in the music biz – the newlook p harum band is lined up and ready 2 rehearse

Where are you based?

planet earth is where we based, specifics are not relevant – question is we need u 2 support and publicise this and can make it worth your wile bigtime

‘Beyond the Pale’ is a labour of love. We don’t operate for money.

u want concert tix- giveaways- tshirt?? uwant access 2 the stars onstage and off?

I don’t think we want access to the ‘stars’ onstage. Offstage … it depends. Whom are you planning to use?

all bigtime stars in there own countrys, variety,showband, functions - all bigname recroding artist in there own rights

It’s kind of you to contact ‘Beyond the Pale’ but I think we’ll wait to hear this proposed ensemble before we think about getting involved. The Procol fanbase is pretty discriminating and doesn’t usually respond very well to cover versions, even by big stars.

thats not relevant man, u are missing a big opportune here, there are big bucks 2 be made – procul is a great brand

Is that a typo for ‘great band’?


I’m sure you don’t mean to shout, but I think you’ve got ‘CapsLock’ stuck on.

NO I HAVENT ANd its not relevant - u r goin 2 flip out when u hear this novum harum bband

Where are you rehearsing?

well- were do u live

We are based partly in Norway and partly in the UK.

thats very convenint then, send ur email and we sendt u invites 2 a top secret-film set nearby where everthing is coming together – even as we r writing everthing is coming together bigtime

You can contact us through

good u will be knock out - u will wish u hat never been born

That’s not a terribly strong recommendation, in my book.

its not about books it about bumms and seats – that the name fo the game-– we need u 2 write great great reviews and tel all ur great fans 2 come see this band many shows

What’s it called, this band?

procul harum

I think you’ll find the real band will challenge that pretty strongly.

the real band dont spell procul right- anyways we got lawyers bigtime– nob ody can tounch us 4 lawayers

If you were to ask my advice, I’d suggest you use a different name.

what u advice man, u know everthing right

If you are really making an honest effort to reproduce Procol music and give proper credit to the band that originated it, you could think up a parallel name like other tribute bands use … The Rolling Clones, Nearly Dan, Mentallica … what about ‘Procol Frankenstein’?

that not relevant – it not a tribute no way,, we reproduce EXCATLY WHAT THE P HARIUM RECORDS SOUNDED LIKE-FANS LOVE US

Fans? So you’re already playing?

WELL WE ALL READY PLAYING BUT not proucl tunes, we playing as the__decoy daleks__ great band- got roy nuffink on drums – skip luncheon on bass – hoyden bait on lead and bacjing vocal- the alabastard horns on horns -ten dancers four perucciion - -vioin section from royal college of musik out of zagreb,,  sixtyvoice chorus of salt-mines

How can Hoyden Bait be singing lead and backup?

u a bit up urself man -she can do anything a mazing singer and good 2 look at her unless u a patially sited

I’m not sure Procol fans will be keen on having ten dancers on every number, but more to the point I notice you do not specify any pianist, organist or guitarist. Would you agree that it could be a little bit problematic to reproduce the Procol experience without those last three, crucial ingredients?

that not relevant- specifywe dont bother 2 specify– we bin trying 2 contact g whithorne in perosn 4 affront man -but boring keys we dont need -we can do anything- got samplers- tape playback – if u know technology u now we can do it– fiberoptic man its the future

I think you told me ‘no gimmicks no tricks’?

things have changed since then - they changing all the time – but right now is a great opportune 4 u – -a gap in the makret – sales of procol plummeting sky hi, downloads way up- lyric search – youtube search never bean hire- goggle look-up – wiki-pedia edit thru the roof– it all happening – a new goldn age 4 prog/rock – cinema package– sellout tour- new alpums of identical music 2 classic procol harium sound

–-u with us bro– just need advert –ur backing


u there man

You’ll have to excuse me, Vox, but I’ve got some pencils that need sharpening.

if we put u on a retainer

tempercent of tour takings

executive pricuder if u want

holle hello

fock u   man

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