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******** Received from Wilson Brown (Wilson.Brown@FAA.DOT.GOV) - 1997.05.06-23.26.23 ********

Great Page, what a pleasure to see PH increased presence on the WeB. I'm a veteran Cambridge MA, USA drummer, and fan of PH for 30 years. Good luck with this web site and concert plans. I wish I could attend.

******** Received from Crickette ( - 1997.05.07-03.26.48 ********

Saw Gary Brooker with Ringo Starr last Sat. nite (5/3). He played "The Devil Came from Kansas," "Homburg," "Conquistador" and "Whiter Shade of Pale." It sounded fantastic. Peter Frampton was playing the guitar parts. Ringo on drums and Jack Bruce was playing bass. Hired hand on hammond.

******** Received from Håkan ( - 1997.05.07-13.51.19 ********

Det här var en bra sida om Procol Harum.

******** Received from Lars Steinar Ansnes ( - 1997.05.09-21.20.43 ********

Fantastisk flott å finne en Procol Harum-side på nettet. Jeg har vært PH-fan siden begynnelsen av 70-tallet.Ser fram til å følge med på denne siden.

******** Received from Christina Hermansson ( - 1997.05.10-01.54.52 ********

Hi Jens Anders!
Wow! Thanks for emailing me about this site!
It's AWESOME!!;-) Haven't got the time to view everything now, but
I'll return sooooon!
I guess you've stumbled on my Billy Joel's Birthday Page; let me assure you:
Procol Harum has also a very special place in my heart!
I've met them all in Gothenburg, Sweden, some years ago - *many* years
after my first personal contact with the group! And I *still* have the
signed drumsticks B J Wilson gave to me!
Oh, I have so many happy & crazy memories from Keith Reid aswell!;-) Procol Harum's music is still often played in this ol' woman's...
(same age as you!) house!
Can you please add my name to your "friends - link"?
I'm in Fritsla, Sweden....thanx in advance!
You're having a terrific site!
*Cheers*, Chris

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******** Received from Ed Potts ( - 1997.05.11-01.09.12 ********

Greetings from Atlanta Georgia - USA. I found your great looking web site as I was searching for a wav file of A Whiter Shade of Pale. I am a Blues fan primarily but enjoy all types of music. Some of my favorite Blues artist include Eric Claptton, BB King, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Albert Collins - the master of the stratacaster, amoung many others. I really enjoyed the instrumental version of Pale located at Good to see PH alive and well on the Net.

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******** Received from Jonathan Bennett ( - 1997.05.12-04.05.29 ********

You have a great page! It's very comprehensive regarding Procol Harum. They truly are a great group. I will definately be back and will be adding a link to your page. Oh, I think B.J. Wilson is the greatest drummer ever!!

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******** Received from David Bennett ( - 1997.05.12-04.08.56 ********

Great Page! I love Procol, especially the line in "Homburg", when the signpost ceases to sign! I know you have great tastes in music! You probably don't remember, but you filled me in about Terry Jacks appearance on TV in Norway last fall. I really appreciated that.

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******** Received from Jason Scruton ( - 1997.05.13-19.32.35 ********

Wonderful addition to the internet about one of the most overlooked bands in the history of rock. Being a college student, everyone thinks I'm "quite insane" listening to PH, but I'll shine on brightly nonetheless. Good job again on constructing a fine homage to Reid/Wilson/Brooker/Fisher/Trower et al.!

******** Received from Diane Wells ( - 1997.05.19-23.01.25 ********

The promo pictures are a great addition. Your PH site keeps getting better and better! Can't wait for the trek to England in July...

******** Received from Leonard Boehm ( - 1997.05.20-18.41.05 ********

A comprehensive PROCOL HARUM page! Grand, simply grand. As a PH fanatic for 30yrs I look foreward to the July 19 gathering in Redhill. I am looking at this trip as a sort of pilgrimage. The song, A Whiter Shade of Pale was my music of transendence in 1967. I still feel that beat in my heart. This group has meant so much to me over these years that I cannot pass on the opportunity to share this experience with all the devoted "procololics" from all over the world. Leonard

******** Received from Larry P. ( - 1997.05.29-02.38.15 ********

Site is new and under construction---------please be patient as I hope it will be worth your time in the future. LOTTA WORK HUH???? Brightly, Larry

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******** Received from Patrick Puhak ( - 1997.06.01-05.23.50 ********

Congratulations on a very good PH page. I have been a fan for many years and enjoyed their music, but until now have had no one else to appreciate their work. With all the fans out there and this being the 30th anniversary of their 1st hit, I would hope that we see some new releases such as a live CD and a video that has both good audio and video.

******** Received from Niels-Erik Mortensen ( - 1997.06.06-16.05.30 ********

Kære Jens Anders. Vi må også have nogle danske Procol fans med. Du må gerne tage min netadresse med på din liste! Med venlig hilsen Niels-Erik Mortensen Steen Billes Gade 3, 3. tv. DK - 2100 København Ø tlf 31 42 19 98

******** Received from Niels-Erik Mortensen ( - 1997.06.06-16.15.54 ********

Come to think of it, I'd better repeat the message just deli vered in English too. If you need a Danish contact, you´ll be welcome to use my adress on your list. Facts: Member of the International PH Fan club (Germany) for two years. I am willing to keep you posted about PH-activities in Denmark (Norwegian and Swedish understood, English, German, Italian and Danish spoken). Shine on!

******** Received from Bill Ludwig ( - 1997.06.12-01.47.20 ********

Glad I found the page. I have been a Procol Harum fan since the beginning.

******** Received from stephen wallace ( - 1997.06.14-04.15.24 ********

It would be graet to come to the 19 july re-union. last i knew Chris Coppoing was living in melbourne (where I am /live. Austarlia) as was david ball. Should i try to contact them to see if they're going??

******** Received from Breck Breckenridge ( - 1997.06.18-05.17.00 ********

In a way I have no idea where to begin. So I beg your indulgence here at the outset. You see I have about 20 years worth of thoughts, feelings and images about Procol waiting to be expressed. I began my Procol odyssey by knowing only a few individuals who listened to their music (this is Austin in 1968). After about 1975 I lost contact with anyone who listened to Procol Harum, much less those who believed that this group of people was really a kind of religion. And really it is this religious aspect to Procol Harum which I resonated to then and now. I find it a bit beside the point :-) when I read on your page that the group got together at such and such a time, put out such and such an album (with and without certain people), and so forth. That's not what I wanted to know 20 years ago or now! :-) For me Procol Harum was a religious experience. And the core of that experience was the philosophy of Keith Reid. It is Keith Reid that I am primarily interested in, and yet he is the very chap who is mostly not mentioned in these Web Pages. What did Keith do after the group went its separate ways? I had always imagined that Keith was doing this Procol thing as a youthful lark which just sort of got out of hand with its success, and that afterwards he would go on to serious poetry writing or something. He must have had some money after all was said and done. I couldn't imagine him as one of these spendthrift rock stars! Brooker either. Anybody who could write music and words like these two gentlemen had their shit together, I surmised, and would do something else of great moment after Procol. And yet I never heard anything more after Gary's No More Fear of Flying. Did he ever do another solo album? What DID Keith and Gary do between ca. 1979 and this new album in 1991? [By the way was the 1991 album released on phonographic record or CD?]. I don't know if anyone else, other than perhaps my little group of friends in the late '60's, ever thought of Procol Harum as I did. To me they were one of the central foci of my inner life back then. And even today if I play some of those songs I am transported back to that Golden Age of Hippiedom when it was Peace and Love alright, but not the peace and love of the Beatles, et al. No it was a "tough love" kind of thing. The one strongest impression I had of Gary Brooker when I met him that one time in San Antonio in 1970 was of a fellow who was a pretty tough guy. Not mean, but definitely self-reliant, realistic and strong. Keith was more the soft-spoken introvert eager to put you at your ease. Anyway, it was Keith's quirky, ambiguous and yet brilliant lyrics, which always just skirted coming right out and saying what he believed, that used to put me in very strange places when I listened to them on acid and mescaline trips. I always believed that Keith was a "closet Christian". Well, enough for now. I guess what I'd like to say in closing is, "Show Me the Lost Years!". I know the music backwards and forwards, and am not much interested in listening to any new album when I haven't BEGUN to understand the first Ten, and those strange men who made them. Can you help me? Alone as always inside the gates of Cerdes,

******** Received from Breck Breckenridge ( - 1997.06.18-06.11.50 ********

Oh no! The painting of Barrie Wilson as "Hero" is all wrong. Sorry. But I had gotten all excited because I thought to myself, "Golly, someone else noticed that the Hero on the album, "A Salty Dog" WAS B.J. Wilson. I realized this in 1970 at the San Antonio concert when I looked up and saw B.J. in just a certain way, and he had a beard then, and maybe even some crooked teeth, and Lo and Behold! It was the guy on the album cover!!!" I painted this album cover myself in 1972 and wish I could send it out to you all. Best wishes from 'inside the gates of Cerdes'...

******** Received from Howard Christie ( - 1997.06.19-05.30.27 ********

Jens...nice job on the page...first time here, but will check back...I'm active on the AOL board and Joan had mentioned your page and finally got here...wish I could make it on the 19th, looking for lots of great reports...thanks again for keeping PH going Howard

******** Received from Bruce Sinclair ( - 1997.06.23-23.26.27 ********

It's not my first experience with Procol Harum that counts, though it was substantial. It wasn't how I continued listen, however privately, to Procol Harum over the years. It wasn't the glee that I felt at the release of Prodigal Stranger I had to once again privately endure. What counts is the sprit that I have seen here on these pages so many years later that I look to for hope. For as long as there are people who can appreciate Procol Harum there is hope for the human race. I look forward with great anticipation for a chance to see them again. Type your message here (you may use HTML tags). Remove these 2 lines first.

******** Received from Kevin Pike ( - 1997.06.24-01.21.22 ********

Hi, My name is Kevin Pike. I would love to get the address for Gary Brooker if you have it. I want to contact him about a new project. Thanks in advance.......KP

******** Received from Larry Eskridge ( - 1997.06.24-16.26.45 ********

Jens: Great job on the Procol page! Very comprehensive and informative, especially in relaying information about the group post-1977. The lyrics are also particularly helpful as Gary Brooker, though a superb vocalist, was not always the greatest annunciator [I remember at the May 1974 Chicago concert for the "Exotic Birds" tour that he mentioned that he had been getting lots of questions about just what the heck he was saying in "Strong As Samson" when he got to the tag line "When you're being held to ransom" :) ] Thanks also for the postings relating to the untimely passing of B.J. Wilson, simply the best--and most unheralded--rock drummer ever. As per one of your other postings, I would like to see a section devoted entirely to Keith Reid. His lyrics were/are such a part of Procol's mystique that it would be interesting to know something about his background and outlook, as well as trying to find out just where he was intellectually when he was penning some of those quirky lines ("Rum was served to all the traitors/pygmies held themselves in check/bloodhounds nosed around the houses/down dark alleys sailors crept"). I am somewhat chagrined to have only learned about this 30th reunion July concert wingding; if I'd have known sooner I would certainly have taken pains to get over to the UK. At any rate, it's good to know that there are still other Procol fanatics out there--it has sometimes been a lonely obsession. I'll be looking forward to reading reports about the July extravaganza on the web page. Thanks again for all of your work--Shine On!

******** Received from Jens Anders Ravnaas ( - 1997.06.29-12.17.23 ********

Just a litle test, as somebody had troubles writing to the guestbook.

******** Received from Bentz Kirby ( - 1997.06.29-18.08.42 ********

Hello: Thanks to Andrew Rogers, I have stumbled onto this wonderful site. I remember back about 1968 being mailed the album Shine on Brightly by Columbia Record Club. At first I was very disappointed as I had not ordered it. But, upon listening, I was blown away. For weeks my friends avoided me as they knew that I was going to try to talk them into listening to Procol Harum again. But, at last they got it too! I saw the band at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival Show. I would like to know if any others out there saw that show. If I recall correctly, they introduced several songs from Home there. I always wondered if Robin Trower hung around and saw Jimi play there. If you know, give me an email at I will add a link to this page from my page at: Thanks for the great site. Peace, Bentz

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******** Received from Joan May ( - 1997.06.30-06.34.08 ********

Hi Jens! Your Website keeps getting Better and Better! Many thanks for your continued efforts.

For those fans who don't have access to AOL, how about getting some PH discussions started on Usenet:


And to Larry E. - I believe that lyric is "Rum was served to all the TRADERS." A much nicer sentiment, eh what? ;-)

Best, Joan

******** Received from Diane Wells ( - 1997.07.01-11.25.58 ********

It's July 1st, folks! Only 19 days to go!

******** Received from "Anonymous" - 1997.07.08-01.42.57 ********

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******** Received from "Anonymous" - 1997.07.09-23.44.27 ********


******** Received from Dennis Dorgan ( - 1997.07.11-04.45.53 ********

So nice to see a tribute to Procol Harum. That first album is still a wonderful collection of music. Does anyone know if it has been released on CD? "She wandered through the garden fence", "Repent Walpurgis", "Kaleidoscope", terrific stuff. Congrats on 30 years "together", well, on and off, well, just surviving those 30 years is important... Dennis Dorgan St Louis, Missouri USA

******** Received from Bill ( - 1997.07.11-06.58.02 ********

I really enjoyed the Salty Dog album... please pass along to all the participants if you can....

******** Received from Eric Pepin ( - 1997.07.12-01.38.56 ********

GRANDIOSE, SUPERBE, FANTASTIQUE!!!! You sir are an inspiration to all Procol Harum "lovers". Your dedication reminds me of myself during "The Britihs Invasion" and the loved years of the early 60's.

******** Received from John Sawyer ( - 1997.07.12-09.40.42 ********

hope the gathering (7/19/97) is a blast...I'm gonna try to find B.J. in Corvallis and pay my tribute. Regards, jms

******** Received from Dennis Grant ( - 1997.07.14-00.57.24 ********

I am a dedicated Procol Fan since the first release in fact played in a band and had to a whiter shade of pale. Still my favourite song and I now have a B3 Hammond to play it on...thanks to Procol. I noted a comment on your site that you were looking for info on Chris Copping. A friend of mine had a recording studio in Melbourne and Chris had his Hammond sitting in the studio. If you need to contact I may be able to help

******** Received from Woody Neighbors ( - 1997.07.18-05.52.23 ********

This is a great page. Thanks. I will visit it often.

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******** Received from Alexander Bruinhof ( - 1997.07.21-23.34.44 ********

Great pages! Lots of info! However, I had hoped to find the definite answer to the meaning of the lyrics of "A whiter shade of pale". No such luck, alass... By the way: what is the purpose of your cookies?

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******** Received from Patty Williams ( - 1997.07.22-00.07.58 ********

Nice and informative site! I am the official Classic Rock Guide for the Mining Company, and will add a link to your website in the Classic Rock Resource Library under "Artist Links." Keep up the good work!

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******** Received from Leonard Boehm ( - 1997.07.24-22.06.37 ********

To All: The Party's Over. I've just read Pete Solley on the AOL Procol Board and he states the obvious but un-spoken truth that Procol Harum will not appear as a band again. Perhaps this was known to all who came to Redhill but had it been advertised as such it might have lead to maudlin sent- timentality, something I am sure all Procoler's detest. We 500 or so who came to see them shared a magical experience that can never be duplicated. The knowledge that we were all family, running on the "Keith Reid Operating System", that even though this band had never gotten the acclaim it surely deserved, We Knew Quality. This afternoon after reading the Pete Solley post and the first response from I felt as if I'd just heard the news that a dear old friend had passed away. The same sadness, a catch in the throat, emotions that cannot be expressed. More than just a trace of regret. I am so glad to have had this music as part of my life for all these years. I salute you Gary, Keith, Matthew, Chris, Alan, Dave, Pete, Matt and of course B J Wilson. I think he spoke for all of us when he said, "I feel kinda funny". Leonard Boehm

******** Received from Steve Weiss ( - 1997.07.29-03.37.49 ********

I thought I was the biggest PH fan in the world. Nice to meet all the other biggest PH fans in the world!

******** Received from Sev Lewkowicz ( - 1997.07.31-00.30.15 ********

I just read Leonard Boehm's message that Procol Harum are not intending to play again. Personally this is very dissappointing, as I was unable to attend the Redhill party, but felt secure in the belief that I would be able to catch them sometime in the not too distant future. We have all been here before, haven't we ? The band has broken up before and none of us ever expected to see them again. But we did. Sometimes musicians just need to stand back from their music. They go and do something else, and it is almost the only way to get a true perspective on your past work. No one ever wants to be accused of liviing in the past, but if your past work is truly great and has stood the test of time...well it's a tough one. I will live in hope of seeing Procol Harum again sometime. Gary has to do what 's right for him, but I would modestly suggest that even he would have to admit that his best work has been done within Procol Harum, and even though we have the records, there is no substitute for hearing THAT VOICE live!! "The captain cried....we sailors wept..." Sev Lewkowicz

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******** Received from Per Ryolf ( - 1997.07.31-17.50.07 ********

Hi! This page is great. Procol Harum have been greatly underrepresented on internet until now. I look forward to readin interview I never knew existed and I will be back to this page soon. Per Ryolf Denmark

******** Received from Thomas Raa Olsen ( - 1997.07.31-21.31.11 ********

Fin side. Danske fans: Lad os få arrangeret koncert i radiohusets koncertsal. DR har før været med på ideen. Kan I høre det for jer: Med Radions Symfoniorkester og Radiounderholdningskoret!! Skriv gerne til adressen, hvis I hører om datoer for koncerter med det bedste, der er frembragt i musikkens verden siden Johan Sebastian Bach, nemlig Procol Harum

******** Received from Tim Brennan ( - 1997.08.02-04.32.48 ********

Hello: My wife, me, my brother, his wife and son ALL went to Redhill, too, from the USA. Sorry I didn't get to meet and talk, though I was also there with Tito & Evan. The show was absolutely outstanding. IHTII? Never before. Never again. It was possibly even better than Edmonton '92, which Tito and I also attended. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Great PH site. Thanks. Tim


******** Received from Cathy Frumerman ( - 1997.08.03-01.14.55 ********

Hello Jens, Your PH site is terrific! The Matthew interview is just so very cosy :-)! Congrats on the exclusive! Who can believe it's been thirty years? Well, I'm glad I had PH along for the ride, so far. Be Seeing You, Cathy

******** Received from Alan ( - 1997.08.06-08.53.01 ********

Hello, Jens! OUTSTANDING site. Procol Harum are truly one of the greatest bands in the known cosmos, and I'm thrilled to see the Harum fans out in force. I wish I could've gone to their 30th anniversary gig, I'm sure it was marvelous. But, having seen them live three times since the release of Prodigal Stranger (and all three times they were fantastic), I can't complain. So now, the question is: have Procol Harum called it a night? God, I hope not. When I saw Harum in 1991, I distinctly recall Gary saying to the audience toward the end of the show, "Hopefully, this will be a new beginning for us, 'cause we realize that, hey, this is what we do!" (thunderous cheers and applause followed!). Well, more concerts followed, and they were brilliant, but no more albums (I don't think The Long Goodbye counts as a "proper" Harum album, despite having it's good moments). And what about that new Harum composition that I saw the band play in Berkeley (all I remember of the title is "Last Train To -----", I think). I think Gary said in a British publication that he really wanted that song out on a new Harum album, a new album that, now, may never come. But, of course, I do reserve the right to be wrong! And Procol Harum have hibernated once before, so, anything's possible. I just hope we won't have to wait another 14 years! Whatever does or doesn't happen in the band's future, I just want to thank Gary, Keith, Matthew, the spirit of B.J., and the rest of the guys for their marvelous music. I shall treasure their albums and my memories of their concerts for the rest of my life. Long live Procol Harum!


******** Received from marc miller ( - 1997.08.08-04.26.16 ********

It's a beautiful summer evening here in the mountains near San Francisco CA and I'm just mellowing out listening to some wonderful Procol H sounds. It doesn't get much calmer than this. SeaYa! Marc [\]

******** Received from tom mc kee endangered records ( - 1997.08.10-21.38.45 ********

endangered records is always a home for matthew fisher procol harum is truly one of {if notthe greatest}rock bands of all time.among the great band members matthew shines out as a true inspiration and motivation behind much of the bands finer moments. i am so pleased he helped me out on "a light went out in new york" although its no procol album it does showcase some fine fisher keyboards. anybody who is interested in acquiring a cd copy {now quite limited in short supply and big demand} may do so direct from endangered records. if you mention jens homepage i will send it directly to you via ground service for only $15.oo american dollars air and overseas $20.00 american cash{your risk} international money order or usa bank check payable to me tom mckee 4 daniels farm road suite 104 trumbull ct 06611 usa if you act now i will also send for free a cd copy of la setta{italys first rnr,rnb band 1964 in a 30th year reunion doing the oldies like early stones,pretty things and etc best and great web site jen tom mckee endangered records


******** Received from Harold Boël ( - 1997.08.14-20.41.20 ********

I like your "no frills" attitude; sobriety is often, in itself, a source of beauty. Yours, HB.

******** Received from Lars Carlsson ( - 1997.08.15-16.14.02 ********

You have made an excellent site about an excellent band who has recieved way too little attention over the years.

******** Received from Dean Mueller (DAMUELR@AOL.COM) - 1997.08.17-03.28.37 ********

 I first saw Procol at Filmore East in 1969. I thought the group was fantastic. Frankly, because of the classical rock, I continued my piano practicing over the course of 30 years now. Even though Nicky Hopkins was also an influence, I was pleased to meet with Gary and Matthew twice in the past few years in New England. I yearn for more works, but acknowledge the time to compose, record and mix an album. I`d love to send Gary some original material(not for any personal reason) but I have no way to reach him, although I can not say I blame him for it. Gary is indeed a very kind and respectable soul. I wish him the best. He has certainly made a difference in my life.

******** Received from "Anonymous" - 1997.08.20-15.52.47 ********

Bobby Harrison was born in 1939 not 1943.


******** Received from Steve Menke ( - 1997.08.23-22.54.22 ********

Excellent site! Just read about the 30th Anniversary box set, and sought further details; some web sites are better maintained and revised than others, and yours is the most up-to-date I've encountered. Saw Procol Harum live a couple years ago -- they barely sold out half the amphitheater, but still responded to the audience's enthusiasm. Hope they commit the full-length version of "Whiter Shade of Pale" to recording one day.

******** Received from Bruce Gold ( - 1997.08.27-06.36.58 ********

I spent part of this afternoon at the Rock "N" Roll Hall of Fame during a business trip to Cleveland today. I saw a momento of Procol Harum on display and have had them on my mind all day since. The experience brought back memories of this wonderful group of people and the music they have created. Tonight, at home, I thought I would try to find something about them on the Web. What I have found is a much great feeling for them expressed by so many people. I wish I could have attended the event in celebration of their 30th anniversary. It was touching to read the words of Nicola Wilson on her late Dad. I suddenly remember sitting in the first row of the Filmore East in New York just to be close enough to observe BJ Wilson so many years ago. He truly has touched the hearts of many people. It is fitting that his daughter has had the chance to realize this and to share her thoughts with us. Thanks for your good work.

******** Received from Rick Holderness ( - 1997.09.02-07.59.19 ********

Wow, I am moved to tears. It's overwhelming to have the emotions and thoughts and experiences that can be attributed to the music of these men surface all at once. I have not spent enough time with Keith and Gary these past few years. Thanking God I have stumbled upon this site.

******** Received from Charlie ( - 1997.09.02-09.51.52 ********

I found your page & clicked on the shine on brightly picture & went to check on a frying pan full of catfish. The sounds of Finale captured me & wouldn't release me till I damn near set the kitchen afire. All I can say is I Love, Love it, Love it! I grew up on some of the the most wonderful music to grace the planet since the big bang.... stuff like Dylan's Sad Eyed Lady, Deep Purple's April, Folkies from Seeger to Mitchell, Cat's Tea for the Tillerman, Sweet Baby James, Pearl's Balaklava & so so so much more. I could spend the whole night reciting the titles that have given me more joy, Love & Light than I deserve. ...But at the top of the list would have to be IN HELD TWAS IN I ! In recent years I've come across some incredibly powerful music, but I must say, none so moving & evocative as this one masterpiece of universal complexity distilled into one shining draught from which even the likes of I can drink. " Life is like a beanstalk. Isn't it? "

******** Received from Marcelo Pereira ( - 1997.09.03-01.44.02 ********

I'm from Uruguay, South America, 39 years old, journalist and a Procol fan since I first heard Shine On Brightly. I'm still exploring your great page, but I couldn't wait. Thanks a lot! Believe or not, Procol records (until Home) were available in my country (in local editions) and had a moderate success. Now I own most of the records in CD, and the others (Broken Barricades, Exotic Birds, Ninth & Something Magic) as LP, after a long search

******** Received from antonio costa barbe' (a.c.b.) ( - 1997.09.07-00.03.50 ********

hello, jens! I'have written to you today, and this night i'm reading your beatiful sites about PH. Hope to hear you soon! acb

******** Received from greg stanovich ( - 1997.09.07-07.42.03 ********

There are few words that Haven't been said about this group, yet so few people appreciate their impact.Excellent discovery. Keep up the good work.

******** Received from Gene Deverick ( - 1997.09.08-00.55.37 ********

Thanks for setting up this web page. I will begin my exploration now.

******** Received from "Anonymous" - 1997.09.10-20.44.15 ********

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******** Received from antonio costa barbe' ( - 1997.09.12-13.03.56 ********

NOVARA 11 september 97 Hello Jen and all PH family! Thanks for your ospitality:I'm reading, during this days your beatiful page about PH ( every link: great!) her is a little profile of mine. ...serendipity during a Procol's concert! Antonio Costa Barbe' via Canobio 16 28100 Novara Italy phone: + 39 321 35705 (with answering machine) fax: + 39 321 390475 (The lawyer preferes the rock.___Antonio Costa Barbe, 43 years old, has lots of hobbies and grows and cares many activities. A one single secret for succeding in managing so many engagements: the reading of oriental zen philosophy. Speaking of his latest work, lets mention a collection of eight songs titled Come Fregoli: his dream is of having these songs sang by some famous voice of the national scene. In1970-1974 Antonio is part of the group I Fuochi Fatui (Will o The Wisp). 1975 is the year of a rappresentation of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, (acb played Jesus), which was brought on the scenes again fiftheen years later, with the group La Goccia ( ___ Email: Up to here the show-side, acb also cares the broadcast Il pezzo mancante (The missing piece) in Radio Azzurra Novara.) I will ( as italian fan ) suggest some few lines about the right translation of IL TUO DIAMANTE: to the next email- best wishes acb

******** Received from stephannie ( - 1997.09.14-10.04.30 ********

I am so pleased to review your information regarding such a wonderful group. It seems as time rolls on and new generations are born, the best songs are lost with the older generation. I was initial introduced to Procol Harem in the summer of 1988. Since that time, there has been no other to PH. My all time favorite is Whiter Shade of Pale. I think that song has such depth and inner meaning, if one will take the time to listen and learn the details. Such emotion in the melody, and such a tale to tell. Thank you for developing this page and for offering the lyrics. I did not find the cords to the song. I have friends in a band called Lucy's Attic and they are going to incorporate this song in their play list just for me.....but could you help them to have cords to begin with? Thank You! Stephannie

******** Received from Jonas Sderstrm ( - 1997.09.14-18.37.43 ********

Good work - keep it up!

******** Received from haraosamu - 1997.09.19-06.45.25 ********

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******** Received from g@n ( - 1997.09.19-07.02.19 ********

Type your message here (you may use HTML tags). Remove these 2 lines first. I am a fan of PROCOL HARUM.I live in Japan.I like QUITE RIGHTLY SO very much.

******** Received from Kip Imlay ( - 1997.09.20-02.30.57 ********

I just got a new computer with a decent modem, and the first thing I typed into the browser was Procol Harum to see what came up. Glad to find so many people with a good appreciation of PH, like my own, which hasn't waned in 30 years. I have so many memories of Procol Harum, which took me through the teenage years of the late 60s and early 70's that would be fun to share...One that comes to mind is at a concert in New Haven in 1974 or so; after B.J's drum solo in "Power Failure" I stood up and yelled "Bravo" , timed as it was on Broken Barricades. Gary looked at me kind of funny. Please keep the concert news coming, and as well any news of further collaborations between Keith and Gary. It's been a long time for the faithful since Prodigal Stranger. Shine on!

******** Received from Kip Imlay ( - 1997.09.20-02.34.05 ********

I just got a new computer with a decent modem, and the first thing I typed into the browser was Procol Harum to see what came up. Glad to find so many people with a good appreciation of PH, like my own, which hasn't waned in 30 years. I have so many memories of Procol Harum, which took me through the teenage years of the late 60s and early 70's that would be fun to share...One that comes to mind is at a concert in New Haven in 1974 or so; after B.J's drum solo in "Power Failure" I stood up and yelled "Bravo" , timed as it was on Broken Barricades. Gary looked at me kind of funny. Please keep the concert news coming, and as well any news of further collaborations between Keith and Gary. It's been a long time for the faithful since Prodigal Stranger. Shine on!

******** Received from Kip Imlay ( - 1997.09.20-02.35.53 ********

I just got a new computer with a decent modem, and the first thing I typed into the browser was Procol Harum to see what came up. Glad to find so many people with a good appreciation of PH, like my own, which hasn't waned in 30 years. I have so many memories of Procol Harum, which took me through the teenage years of the late 60s and early 70's that would be fun to share...One that comes to mind is at a concert in New Haven in 1974 or so; after B.J's drum solo in "Power Failure" I stood up and yelled "Bravo" , timed as it was on Broken Barricades. Gary looked at me kind of funny. Please keep the concert news coming, and as well any news of further collaborations between Keith and Gary. It's been a long time for the faithful since Prodigal Stranger. Shine on!

******** Received from Craig Lynch ( - 1997.09.21-01.22.36 ********

Not much to say. I'm glad there are Procol Harum fans still alive and kicking. Most of my friends have no idea who Procol Harum is. Given that their only exposure is having heard "A Whiter Shade of Pale", that's not surprising. There is also something delightful in knowing that there are so few, but devoted Procol Harum fans. Makes one feel special. Glad I found you. Craig Lynch

******** Received from george james andrews ( - 1997.09.21-05.05.33 ********

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******** Received from Jeff Gauthier ( - 1997.09.23-06.32.10 ********

.Great info, I grew up in NYC and have seen PH numerous times, from the Filmore East to Central Park. I don't have any of the videos mentioned, and would love to get copies. The Filmore was great, shows on, I think it was thur and fri nights, 2 shows each night, tickets were $4.50 and $5.50, we would go to all the shows.

******** Received from Dave Lee ( - 1997.09.23-18.54.51 ********

Amazing page. Haven't been able to get to the Procol events (apart from the Barbican). Really dig the "Home" icon for returning to the Home page! Dave

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******** Received from Manuel Moreno Slagter ( - 1997.09.26-05.17.14 ********

Well, I've just heard "Shine on Brightly" and that was the very first Procol Harum's album I've ever heard It's wonderful. That's why I'm on the net lookin' for Procol information. I'm a beginner, but I think Procol is really good!!! I'm gonna buy "A Salty Dog" now, and maybe you're now meeting a new Procol fan By the way, I'm from Barranquilla, Colombia, 23 years old, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and Roxy Music lover Bye Thanks.

******** Received from James Mc Carthy ( - 1997.09.26-21.54.11 ********

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******** Received from Per Rosenquist ( - 1997.09.27-08.53.50 ********

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******** Received from Otto Reuter ( - 1997.09.28-18.06.40 ********

Congratulations, You he done a pretty good work. From the early start on I have always liked Procol's music, although they have never been very popular in Germany. Now available on CD they sound even fresher. I will soon visit your page again. Many Thanks from Otto

******** Received from michael wright (mrbigman11 - 1997.09.28-21.43.38 ********

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******** Received from b omalley ( - 1997.09.30-02.58.04 ********

aint no use in preachers preachin'.... when they dont know what they're teachin'.... AS STRONG AS SAMSON................. procol harum i will always love your music....nothing else even comes close! from repent walpurgis to nothing but the truth.......your tunes are the most emotional,crowning glories.....ever to come out of a world in joy and pain. never give up..........we are all TV CAESARS!!!!!! brian

******** Received from KAZUO IKAI ( - 1997.10.01-17.45.45 ********

Hello,I'm 45 years old Japanese male,an Office worker at a language school in Tokyo. And ofcourse I'm a great fan of PH. I found yur Home Page through Mathew Fisher's Page and surprised and felt happy that there are 'still' great fans of PH. My first encounter of PH is of course 'A whiter Shade of Pale'which was a great hit in my country,too. Since then I've never missed their music. I still remenber the concert of them when they came to Japan with Ten Years After.They played full version of'Pale'with full chorus of organ solo play.The music is still in my ears. And in 1991 their sudden come back with'Prodigal Stranger'was a surprisingly good news to me,more over,with golden members. But the deat of B.J was a shock to me. I want to know the reason of his death..... Anyway I will constantly visit your site. Just a introduction of myself Thank you!! and 'SAYONARA'

******** Received from Peter May ( - 1997.10.05-05.16.17 ********

Thank you so much for your wonderful home page and for helping those of us who love the music so keep PH in our hearts and minds. I can only wish that I might have been able to attend the anniversary, but it was not to be. How nice to have so many photos to see and words to read. As a drummer who, in large part, learned the instrument by playing along (or, trying to play along) with BJ Wilson on PH albums, I find I miss him so very much. It is sad when someone who had such a great effect on one's life - even if I did not know him - is no longer there. Something is missing. And it won't be back. I can only be glad that he was there when I needed him and marvel at the way his unique style and tremendous talent contributed to the Procol Harum sound. A unique musician in a unique band. This does not happen often. I'll be placing an order for the video and an item or two shortly. In the meantime, thanks for the time and effort you put into this labor of love. Believe me, it's worth it. With great respect and admiration, Peter May Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

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******** Received from Bob Jaccino ( - 1997.10.05-16.58.54 ********

Hello- I'm a long-time Procol Harum fan and I just bought the new 30th Anniversary 3-CD Anthology released in England. The first CD has the "Procol Harum" and "Shine on Brightly" albums. Disc 2 has "A Salty Dog" & "Home". The third disc has A & B sides of the UK singles through the "Home" album period plus alternate/out-take versions of "Whiter Shade", "Conquistador", "Magdalene", "Homburg", and "She Wandered Through the Garden Fence". The sound quality on these discs is amazing! You can hear things you've never heard before. The only problem I had is on Disc 2, track 1 will not play unless I skip to track 2 and scan backwards to the first song. If the manufacturer gets enough complaints, maybe they will replace defective discs. If not, it's only a minor inconvenience. The set is wonderful and, like I said before, the sound will astound many fans. Hope you had a great vacation.

******** Received from James Mc Carthy ( - 1997.10.05-20.35.13 ********

Had the privelidge and greatest of pleasure at last night's concert by Garry and friends at Aldershot ( UK ) .Went with my 11 year old son who thought the evening was " wicked " ! The music of Procol will continue to appeal down the ages .

******** Received from antonio costa barbe' ( - 1997.10.06-14.31.51 ********

Hello, Friends! Please, is it someone among you who can tell me the life's story of B.J. Wilson after Procol's "end" in 1977? Had he problems with alchool or so? I can hardly believe to this notice, because it seem to me almost impossible that a fine drummer/musician as He could be gone in this way. What happened to him? Has got He a family? Thanks for your attention and :-) antonio.

******** Received from Hurdy Gurdy Man - 1997.10.06-20.52.50 ********

I'm the world's greatest Procol Harum fan!! I would like to thank you for setting up a page for those of us out here who love their music. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy I sing!

******** Received from Barry Rosenbaum ( - 1997.10.06-21.51.37 ********

Hello Jens- Have you heard about a 3-disc box set to be issued by Westside Records in Germany to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Procol Harum? Barry

******** Received from Charles Riggs ( - 1997.10.07-06.11.42 ********

How marvelous to find, when struck by darkest melancholy, drunk and reeling in the aftermath of love, a page devoted to a band that has provided the background music for some of the most intense moments of my life for all of the last 25 years. So glad to know that they've had the same grand effect on so many others, so that abandandoned by a faithless wench I still am not alone. Truly, shine on brightly, shine on when love is gone hearts are hurt and blinded. What a marvelous band- what powerful songs. Thank you for this page.

******** Received from james morin ( - 1997.10.08-14.39.43 ********

what a splendid page for a group that richly deserves it. I've been a procol harum fan from 1967 and finding so much information about a band that has never been given its due, in my opinion, was a joy. I've seen them live three times and think what a shame it is that there are no live recordings of procol harum sans orchestra. I have a tape of procol live from the rainbow theatre in london playing three songs from exotic birds and fruit, and its a testament to how incredibly good they were. What can one say but thanks to all involved for a fitting tribute to a group whose brilliance and intelligence will assure their music will last long after other bands have been long forgotten.

******** Received from steve felix ( - 1997.10.10-20.59.16 ********

Quite rightly done. Just found you. Have some of my own "Procol" stories going back to when our band opened for a bickering Procol in 1970. Anyway, I've been a fan for a long time too. Be in touch. Thanks.

******** Received from John B. King ( - 1997.10.11-03.51.14 ********

Obviously I love Procol Harum or I wouldn't have been looking for a website with information on the group. I also have a question..Where is Broken Barricades? Not good enough to be on cd? The job done on Deep Purples 25th anniversary lps/cds has been excellent especially for Machine Head. Can't this be done for Procol? I would really love to have Broken Barricades on cd. My 26 year old vinyl copy desperately needs upgrading!!! Keep us informed...BJ WILSON was a great drummer..Procol isn't the same without that SOUND...whenever they regroup/call themselves Procol Harum. Thanks.

******** Received from jacqueline ( - 1997.10.11-14.41.26 ********

procol harum is my favorite group. in the seventies i went to all of their new york concerts. i have all of their albums and i have some of the cassettes. i last saw them for their 10th anniversary show in new york. most of the kids in the audience did not have a clue as to who these guys where. i love their music. they have gotten me through the good times and bad. out of curiosity i typed in their name and found myself at your web page. i would like to get cd's as the albums are worn thin. i would like to find out more about the guys and what they are up to. all the best, jacqueline

******** Received from Evan Wagshul ( - 1997.10.16-03.04.19 ********

HI Just got my computer. Glad to be able to link up with you and all the PROCOL fans--- especially those of us that attended the great show at Redhill. Shine On! Evan

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******** Received from Luke D. Deasy III ( - 1997.10.18-02.21.39 ********

Hello! My name is Luke Deasy, and I am looking for Procol Harum sheet music.I have dreamed of writing an arrangement of "Simple Sister" for my wife to play (she is a classical violinist).Any suggestions will be most appreciated, thank you!

******** Received from Diego Zanti ( - 1997.10.19-20.35.20 ********

I'm a great old fans of Procol H. Your page is a very important and precious informations. Thanks