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Storia di una Bottiglia

(A Rum Tale)

Storia di una Bottiglia

  Tale of a Bottle

Lei tira i miei sogni

  She takes my dreams

Per farne realtà

  To make them come true

Pavimenta d'argento

  She spreads silver on the streets

Le strade dei bar

  That lead to the bar

Voglio un posto nel sole

  I want a place in the sun

Dove il buio non c'è

  Where there isn't any darkness

Mi riparo dal mondo,

  I'll shelter from the world

E mi dedico a me

  And devote myself to me.

E vendo la casa

  I'll sell my house

Per andar via da qua

  To get away from here

Se nessuno la vuole

  If nobody wants it

Brucerò la citta

  I'll burn down the town

Mi affitterò un aeroplano

  I'm hiring an aeroplane

Nel dipinto di blu

  Into the painted blue

Venderò il mio racconto

  I'll sell my story

E non scriverò più

  Then I won't write any more

Mi compro un biglietto

  I'm buying a ticket

Per dove non so

  Where to, I don't know

Non ho preso un ritorno

  I didn't take a return

Perché non tornerò

  I'm not coming back

Non nascondo più niente

  I'm not hiding anything any more.

Nei segreti che ho

  In the secrets I've got

Ho una strada da fare

  There's a road to travel

Quella strada farò

  I'm going to take that road.


(These new words for the Italian A Rum Tale are by Mimmo Locasciulli from the 1998 Mercury album Il Futuro. The writing credit is Brooker / Locasciulli, with nary a mention of Reid, although Locasciulli follows KR's intentions far more closely than other Italian re-writers have done: despite this fidelity to the original text it seems that the mystery and angst of the song have evaporated somewhat.

The album includes Italianisations of several more songs by classic writers: The Future by Leonard Cohen, Powderfinger by Neil Young, Road to Nowhere by David Byrne (Talking Heads), It's Money That I Love by Randy Newman, Series of Dreams by Bob Dylan, Hang Down Your Head by Tom Waits, How to Be Dumb by Elvis Costello, and Heaven Stood Still by Willie de Ville, alongside a couple of originals.

(Words kindly sent by Antonio Costa Barbé and translated into English for 'Beyond the Pale' by Amelia Wisloch: thanks!)

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