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'Remember the Aloe, Moe'

James Hold

Author James Hold writes to 'Beyond the Pale': 'It goes without saying that I'm a Procol Harum fan, otherwise I would not be writing. I am also a writer with two published works to my credit. My second book, Remember the Aloe, Moe makes reference to several PH songs. All of my books (short stories actually) contain references to different rock-n-roll artists and songs of the mid-60s early-70s period. Remember the Aloe, Moe concerns itself with the adventures of a cat that turns itself into a human being and gets into a bunch of sci-fi tinged adventures. The stories are all satires and spoofs of different literary, TV, and movie topics.'

Here is a schedule of Procol Harum references in this unusual book: if you want to read it, it's available by clicking on or


Page 09


To be read in the spirit in which it was written.


Page 09


Chapter-heading: 1. Conquistador


Page 13


Chapter-heading: 2. Something Following Me


Page 19


Chapter-heading: 3. Lime Street Blues


Page 21


Chapter-heading: 4. She Wandered through the Garden Fence


Page 23


…she pondered the fate of the guy in the suit, sorely tempted to sing the opening line of a Procol Harum song.


Page 25


Chapter-heading: 5. Kaleidoscope


Page 27


The waitress came over – without a tray – and Josie ordered two ice teas.


Page 32


Chapter-heading: 6. Good Captain Clack


Page 37


Chapter-heading: 7. Outside the Gates of Cerdes


Page 37


“La la-la, la la-la…”
Jo’s voice settled softly on the night air, J recognizing the tune as Procol Harum’s Skip Softly My Moonbeams. While appropriate to the moment, J nonetheless felt that she was rubbing it in needlessly.


Page 38


Then it began to rain.
To which Josie responded with the chorus to Piggy Pig Pig.


Page 45


Earlier that evening she had clung to him out of fear. Now it was with relief that she buried her face in his chest, her tiny body pressed so tight that he could feel the ankh pendant beneath her outfit. Unlike the princess, little Josie’s hair didn’t smell like bluebonnets; it was more a combination of creek water, vegetation, and midnight. Yet for some reason the itching went away and he found his mind transported across time and space to a faraway land where moonbeams did indeed skip softly.


Page 46


Chapter-heading: 8. Homburg


Page 49


Chapter-heading: 9. Repent Walpurgis


Page 53


Chapter-heading: 10. Salad Days (Are Here Again)


Page 53


And so it was that later, as Gordon Paul stared at the jigsaw puzzles lining the wall of his sanctuary, a cat landed on the windowsill, eyeing him curiously.


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