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BtP's '39 Steps' Summer Puzzle

Here are the answers, and the winners, from our 39 Steps Summer Puzzle, in which we asked you to identify a track-a-day from the Palers' Project 2CD album, From Shadow to Shadow by answering the following, simple questions. The only resources you really needed were the pages for the songs (index here) and for the players (see here)

The drummer on this track has played on several Robin Trower albums

Whisky Train

The drumming of BJ Wilson is heard on this track

Lime Street Blues

The bass-player on this track has recorded with Mickey Jupp

A Robe of Silk

The arranger of this track has toured with Leonard Bernstein

The Emperor's New Clothes

This track is sung by a descendant of the person who put the words together

Hulluuteni Syksy

This song is played by a songwriter who's been recorded by the Carpenters

She Makes Me Feel

Gary Brooker's voice is heard on this track

So Far Behind

The singer of this track played with Mungo Jerry

A Salty Dog

The synth on this track was programmed (a long time ago!) by an erstwhile member of Fairport Convention

Long Gone Geek

This track was recorded live in 1977

Memorial Drive

Mixed by the legendary Larry Hirsch, this track was described by Chris Copping as being 'better than any of the Procol versions'


This track includes a quotation from the first King Crimson album

Something Following Me

This song was written by Robin Trower and Gary Brooker ... no Keith Reid

Don't Ya Like My Love?

This track is named after a street in England

Cold Harbour Lane

You'll hear a 12-string bass on this track

Fellow Travellers

On this track the percussion parts were dictated by 'phone across the Atlantic ocean

The Pursuit of Happiness

The man who recorded this track looks after 400 nurses in his day job

Repent Walpurgis

On this track you may hear two non-human participants

Glimpses of Nirvana

A track recorded at Clearcut Studios

The Final Thrust

The name of the duo playing this track is taken from the words of 'Monsieur R Monde'

Juicy John Pink

This song is presented in an arrangement based on something played by the Palers' Band in Manchester

Wish me Well

This track features two brothers – no-one else

TV Ceasar

The track quotes Popeye the Sailor Man

Wreck of the Hesperus

The artist here recorded A Christmas Camel and Shine on Brightly on the previous Palers' Project album

Whisky Train

The band track on this recording consists of four nylon-string guitars

Rambling On

On this track the piano is a Story & Clark and the organ is a B4

Pilgrim's Progress

Four people sing on this track, all with the same surname

Grand Finale

This track is sung by an academic currently at Bournemouth University in the UK

Look to your Soul

The singer on this piece also delivers a spoken recital on another track

'Twas Teatime at the Circus

This song is sung by a female vocalist; the same title was sung by a female vocalist on the first Palers' Project album too

Too Much Between Us

This track was recorded in 40 minutes flat

Gone Too Far

On this track you hear a Hammond dated c. 1915 (not a typo!)

Typewriter Torment

This track was recorded in the rain outside a Gaolhouse.

A Souvenir of London

This track quotes the theme music from a famous TV comedy series

SS Blues

This track was recorded in Sao Paolo

Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)

This is a track recorded by three musicians whose forenames all start with the letter 'A'

The Idol

The players on this song were born as far apart as Nottingham and Sydney

The Angler

The name of the singer here is an anagram of 'Lazy ribbon sheet'

Toujours l'Amour

On this track you hear a painter from Leeds, not playing an instrument or singing

Your Own Choice

So the only track – from From Shadow to Shadow – that is not listed above is George Bertok’s excellent The Worm and the Tree ... we asked you for the 39th word from the end of this text, in its original version, and the answer (see here) is therefore simply 'great'. Habitual users of BtP puzzles will not have been surprised to find that that word was uncharacteristically peppered throughout the instructions, in order to allay any doubts …

So ... thanks to everyone who took part and sent in their answers … sorry there cannot be a prize for everyone of course … but congratulations go out to Jill McMahon in LA, to whom Eagle will send the US version of Live at Union Chapel on Monday morning (thanks, Eagle!); and Beverly Peyton in Ft Lauderdale: Beverly, who already has a copy of the runner-up prize, has very kindly suggested that her second From Shadow to Shadow be sent to Procol promoter Mark Lundquist ... which is very timely, since Gary Brooker has just played the album to him, and Mark immediately requested a copy. Shine on Generous Palers!

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