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Christmas Quizzes 2019–2020

Question of the Day : 5 January

To recap the instructions here: in each of the twelve daily clues you will find a string of six words. Extract three adjoining words – there are four possible trios in each string – and find what places each one represents, using the WhatThreeWords 'geocode' system. Zoom out from the ensuing three-metre square, until you can work out where in the world you have 'landed'. Use your skill and judgment to work out which of these four locations is most likely to have hosted a concert of interest to Procol Harum fans. Then read the four ancillary clues that follow the string of six words. You'll need to use Google to resolve some of the clues ... for Procol questions, start your search with _site:procolharum.com_ .If three of these ancillary clues confirm the concert-location you chose, make a careful note of the details so you can quickly retrieve them on 5 January when you solve the thirteenth clue! If three of these ancillary clues do not confirm the concert-location you chose, try another location and repeat the procedure. Please note that, each day, one (only) of the ancillary clues is nonsensical.

Oh, OK then, if you insist ... a clue about Prize 'I'. The gentleman depicted in the flea-market plays on AWSoP and his initials are the same whether you're in the USA or the UK.

Anyway, here's this evening's six-word string, for you to turn into four locations (with help from WhatThreeWords). Which one of those four locations witnessed the concert corresponding to three of the clues below?

Four ancillary clues, of which (only) one is nonsensical


This show featured 18 songs, of which none originated on Something Magic, The Prodigal Stranger, The Well’s on Fire, or Novum; one piece the band played was published in 1934, and one dated from 1866


This concert dates (just) from a year in which no Procol studio album was released


This concert dates (supposedly) from the year in which three new Procol studio albums were released


‘a shambling cacophony’, said one printed review about this concert

Good news ... you've done all the thinking, and all you need to do now is find your way to the tiny answer that's going to put one of our fab prizes within your grasp. So please click here for the Final Instruction

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