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Christmas Quizzes 2017–2018

Question of the Day (solved): 30 December

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Tonight's topic  
First of all, please scroll down and enjoy these entertaining shots of Procol Harum, taken by monitor engineer Thomas ‘Wylie’ Wyler from the drum-riser at the end of various Fiftieth Anniversary performances, and kindly sent to ‘Beyond the Pale’
The answer is  

Choose the question below that is most applicable to the answer above. Make a note of the Question Number


How many of the shots depict Gary Brooker with both hands higher than his teeth?
Nearly five, but not quite



How many of the shots picture Josh Phillips with both knees higher than his wrists?
A quick flip down the page suggests the answer to this one is 'zero'



How many different designs of shirt does Matt Pegg wear in these XXI shots?
Matt refers in the Souvenir Programme for this tour to his 'lucky black shirt', which appears in twenty-one of these twenty-one shots



How many of the shots show Procol Harum impersonating Jethro Tull (the band, not the agriculturalist)?
Surely there's only the 'Flute Anarchy' shot



In how many shots, where one of Geoff Whitehorn's wrists is lower down than Geoff Dunn’s ankles, do we also find that Gary Brooker has at least one elbow lower than Josh Phillips's knees but another higher than Matt Pegg's epiglottis?
This silliness is here only to get readers used to reading, and with any luck discarding, over-complicated questions ... so that we can catch you out with an over-complicated correct entry later



There are CXX neighbour combinations in which a band the size of Procol Harum can stand (for example (left to right) Phillips > Dunn > Brooker > Pegg > Whitehorn, or Brooker > Dunn > Pegg > Whitehorn > Phillips and so on). How many different combinations are presented in this photo selection?
Five combinations are represented ... so this appears to be the correct question



What is the average number of people in each picture?
Dunno ... must be hundreds, given the size of the audiences


What is the minimum number of red shoes visible in any one picture in this sequence, in which two guitarists are standing side-by-side, or two keyboard players are not standing side-by-side, or in which one band-member is missing (or appears twice)?
The maximum number of red shoes visible is four; so this question is a demonstrable duffer even before we bother to decode the rubbish about band-members appearing twice etc


Illustration No. 1 – "inverted commas" – Josh Phillips, Geoff Dunn, Gary Brooker, Matt Pegg, Geoff Whitehorn

Illustration No. 2 – looking bullish

Illustration No. 3 – Roman fists

Illustration No. 4 – optical emphasis

Illustration No. 5– piety prevails

Illustration No. 6 – body language

Illustration No. 7 – air guitars

Illustration No. 8 – reindeer fun

Illustration No. 9 – rogue aroma

Illustration No. 10 – sleep tight

Illustration No. 11 – paternal lunacy
If it were 'father lunacy' it would be an anagram of 'yacht funeral'


Illustration No. 12 – not unanimous

Illustration No. 13 – Procol something

Illustration No. 14 – new album

Illustration No. 15 – close formation


Illustration No. 16 – Biggles aloft

Illustration No. 17 – Hδnde hoch

Illustration No. 18 – Gangnam Style

Illustration No. 19 – umbrage positions

Illustration No. 20 – flute anarchy


'Flute anarchy' is an anagram of 'yacht funeral'. Every little helps ...


Illustration No. 21 – long goodbye

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