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Christmas Quizzes 2017–2018

Question of the Day (solved): 28 December

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A question of interpretation
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Choose the question below that is most applicable to the answer above. Make a note of the Question Number

Write down the official acronym for Member of the Institute of Advanced Musicians (in Southend-on-Sea), one of whose former gentleman students took the tally of Procol players up to six for a memorable performance of just one Brooker/Reid tune during the period of the Procol Fiftieth Anniversary Tour
The memorable performance was the six-man 'Grand Hotel' on 8 June ... but there's no such institute



What are the initials of the motto of the Danish island of Aarhus, which reads miles inops ad mare
(Latin for ‘a soldier is helpless at sea’)
The Latin is correct, but the geography is not: Aarhus is not an island, entire unto itself; and that is not its motto



Translate, into Hebrew, ‘I, I am the only one’
Piffle. Wrong alphabet, for a start



Tell us the US postal abbreviation for ‘Miami’ (the town in Florida, America), where the nephew of Novum’s producer once considered buying shares in a part-time egg-shop
Sense takes a dive at the end of this sentence ...



How would you spell the noise made by Siamese cats such as the one Procol Harum is named after?
Procol Harum are named after a Burmese cat, not a Siamese



Give the initials of a musician, heard onstage performing just one Brooker and Reid tune during the Procol Fiftieth Anniversary Tour, whose image is revealed at ‘Beyond the Pale’ by following three links (here, here and here) – marvellous, no?
Matilde Isabella Arenholt Mosekjaer sang with PH twice, but only on one song. The name probably has lots of interesting anagrams but we haven't looked into that. Anyway, this is the correct question for the answer specified


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