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Christmas Quizzes 2017–2018

Question of the Day (solved): 26 December

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Tonight's topic is  
One particular song from the album that is now known as Novum
The answer is  

Choose the question below that is most applicable to the answer above. Make a note of the Question Number

Before Procol hit on the idea of using the X Commandments as a theme for Novum, they were planning a rather longer concept album based on the chemical elements. At that early stage one of the now-familiar melodies had the following words sung in its elegant chorus:

‘I’m alkaline, metallic
And I’m speedy to react
If you’re a Dalek
You should fear me, that’s a fact
If you cook me in a curry
You’ll have turmoil in your tum
First you’ll vomit, then you’ll chunder

Which song was it?
Admittedly these words fit the chorus of 'Soldier' but they're stupid; nobody would cook with Sodium, and the penultimate line ('first ... then') would make sense only if 'vomit' and 'chunder' had different meanings); and how many tracks would an 'album based on the chemical elements' need to have? They'd have to be pretty short to fit into one CD. Maybe several elements could be shoehorned into one song?



Since Pete Brown wrote the words to this song, not Keith Reid, the band gave it a title which (spelt backwards) is the German word for ‘Reid-less’
The title is indeed 'Reidlos' backwards, but the words of 'Soldier' were not written by Pete Brown



Specify a Novum song that no paying audience has yet heard Procol play in concert
It could be 'Honour', it could be 'Soldier', it could be 'Somewhen' ... a glance through the BtP setlists makes this clear. So this question does indeed fit the specified answer



This song is incorrectly titled, because in proper English we write ‘more solid’, not ‘solider’
We do certainly write 'solider' but that is entirely irrelevant (except insofar as we'll be dealing with anagrams of the track names before too long)


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