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'By the Light of Thirteen Candles'

Question of the Day : Twelfth Night

Happy Twelfth Night!

And here you are at the very last of our Twelve Christmas Question, and also the crucial Lucky Thirteenth Question

Procol Harum seem to love the country these pictures were taken in, or else it's the other way round. Their last gig there was in Copenhagen where was the second-last one? (You need the town's initial letter)

Now make a note of the letter and that's how pleasingly easy it's been all along, with the answer spelt out on the page you came here from. And <sob>no more puzzles to go</sob>.

Over the twelve days of Christmas, you've collect the letter that lies at the end of each day's search for the lucky thirteenth of the month and as it's the last day, the thirteenth question (below) will tell you precisely what to do with them, in order to win your choice from the list of Thirteen Fab Prizes.

The Lucky Thirteenth Question! [read carefully!]

You've collected twelve letters now imagine that each of them is the initial letter of a different Procol track [eg. 'W' could be Whaling Stories or Whisky Train, but not Repent Walpurgis].

All you have to do is find a Procol Harum album (a legitimate release put out by Procol Harum: not a bootleg, not a compilation like these) whose tracks' initial letters use up all the letters you've collected [in other words, find a PH album that has got a bunch of tracks on it with the same initial letters as the ones you've collected by doing the puzzles]

When you find the right album [and it's not difficult!] then you'll realise that in fact it has thirteen tracks: so to solve our 'By the Light of Thirteen Candles' sequence, identify which is the thirteenth track (the one whose initial you didn't collect as an answer to one of the puzzles) and use this link to mail us the first word of that song but hurry, mail us tonight or someone else will get the prize you want!

Make sure you include a rank-order of all thirteen prizes in the order you favour them: the message will look something like : "Prize preferences: LIACKBJFGEMDH".

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