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Josh Phillips • The Christmas Camel

For charity: a new piece from Procol Harum's outstanding organist / composer

Josh Phillips contacted 'Beyond the Pale' with the following message. Please enjoy this opportunity to support the charity that cared for Gary Brooker in his final weeks, and enjoy the music!


Hi everyone,

I hope all the ‘Beyond the Pale’ community is well, and looking forward to some peace, love and rest at this time.

2022 has been one of the weirdest, maybe saddest years I can recall; I am sure you all agree that the tragic loss of our dear friend and mentor, the commander, Gary Brooker MBE, has been more than monumental.

Every year I sit at the piano and knock out some carols, trying to find new ways of playing them. Some limited jazz I know can make a challenge.

This year my thoughts naturally turned to Gary with his quirky take on tunes, and I decided to mash up some Procol and Christmas carols. It happened in no particular order: keys changed to fit my stream of consciousness at the time, whatever came into my head I played, why I don’t know, maybe Gary was at the helm …

I’d love to do this with a real orchestra … but for the tech fans, or those with the same keys, it’s all done on the Montage with 16 tracks of MIDI, no more than four hours’ work

So, keeping the spirit of Procol in mind, here is The Christmas Camel (in the sense that a camel, ‘designed by a committee’, might be seen as a mash-up animal)  … a gift to you all, and I hope you enjoy it.

I also hope GB will listen from up high: Shine On, my dear friend …

Happy Christmas to all…..


Click here for your free download ofThe Christmas Camel

In the spirit of Christmas please show your appreciation of Josh's seasonal music by donating an amount
of your choice to the Hospice charity that looked after the Commander in his final weeks
Click here to make your donation to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care. You can leave a public message there too.

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