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Don Snow / Jonn Savannah

Born 1957, Nairobi, Kenya

1992: played some thoroughly authentic Procol Hammond on the band's North American tour.

The last gig Snow played with Procol was 5 July 1992 at the Tammisaari Guitar Festival in Finland. In the early eighties Don replaced Paul Carrack in Squeeze. Together with Glen Tilbrook, Chris Difford, John Bentley and Gilson Lavis he made the fifth Squeeze album, Sweets From A Stranger (1982).Shortly after this album was released the band split. (thanks, Frans)

Main instrument: Organ; also admits to vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, sax, (occasional) Theremin and juggling

Previous bands: numerous ... see here

Don Snow is now working as Jonn [sic] Savannah (see here) and he has a website that does mention his time with Procol Harum. He changed his name by deed poll in December 1992.

In June 2010 Jonn sent this brief but interesting reminiscence to 'Beyond the Pale':

Playing with Procol Harum in Edmonton

I had always been a fan of Whiter Shade of Pale and Homburg and played and sang those songs in early bands I worked with. The rest of the material was less known to me, though I had heard a couple of albums at friends' houses as a teen. Gary Brooker lived near me and was in need of a keyboard player for some gigs, culminating in a gig in Edmonton. After some quick rehearsals we were off the gigs went well, though playing Hammond in Procol Harum was a demanding gig. Whiter Shade of Pale has the most identifiable organ motif ever not something you want to get wrong!

The main problem with suddenly being on stage with an orchestra was that we all had to decrease our volume dramatically I know Mark had real issues with that. Shortly before we were due to go on Gary handed me some sheet music, asking me if I could play it during one of the songs. I said categorically no as I do not read music well. The piece was akin to a Bach two-part invention I had been trying to complete one of Bach's pieces without a mistake since I was twelve years old and still couldn't the chances of my figuring this out and being able to play it faultlessly on the gig were nil. After a small tussle I suggested that if Gary wanted it played that evening then he would have to play it himself funnily enough that was my last gig with the band!

I was only with Procol Harum for a couple of months, but we had a lot of laughs and some really memorable gigs.

Jonn Savannah


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