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Procol Harum in Bern

2 May 1970

Procol Harum were the main act of a concert event in Bern / Switzerland on 2 May 1970.

The event was held at the very famous football stadium "Wankdorf" in Bern (for German football fans: this is the place where the "Wunder von Bern" / the wonder of Berne happened) and it was organised by the Red Cross (with the idea to gather money for further activities - a sort of early "LIVE AID").

 Unfortunately the organisers had little experience with this kind of concert activities and as end result the audience was only rather small (it seemed almost lost in the tribunes of the stadium).

As far as I know the Red Cross did not repeat this experiment.

What I have left from this concert is a poster (no, I will not sell it, but you see it, left: click to enlarge).

Thanks, Beat



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