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Missing Persons (Alive Forever)

A little competition to celebrate the upcoming Procol release

Here at 'Beyond the Pale' we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Procol Harum EP (click link to order!) with a little prize competition. Many thanks to Overgaard Knudsen for sourcing the rare prizes!

In this very simple puzzle, readers have the chance to win something unforgettable. All you have to do is solve an anagram, make a tiny deduction, and claim your prize! But hurry ... the question is very easy, and the reward is too high.

GIRL SPONSORS EVASIVE FIREMEN is the title of a Procol Harum song, with its letters all jumbled up. Here's a page to help you

So first of all, solve the anagram.

Now look at these two batches of Procol Harum songs

Bacon Cerdes
Luskus Fires
Repent Magdalene
Samson Salad Days
Whaling Skip Softly
? ?

The song whose anagrammed title you have decoded ... does it belong with Batch A? Or Batch Z?

A moment's thought will assure you of the correct answer.

Now all you need to do is write in to the 'Beyond the Pale' team, giving the answer 'Batch Z' or 'Batch A'!

No need to explain your method ... we just want the one tiny answer. Use this special link to send us your response:

The first twenty correct entries will win something unusual ... an A5 full-colour poster (suitable for framing) in groovy metallic inks, advertising the Procol Harum gig at which all eleven songs named on this page were played.

The posters which for many years have been preserved, in perfectly collectable condition, in the wall-safe of a Scandinavian promoter's office are signed by the onstage band-members at that era (you can work out who they were, from the repertoire) using an absurdly fat pen; and also by various backstage liggers and hangers-on including Augustus Carp, Pamela des Barres, Jim Garfunkel, Little Ronnie Equipoise, Esteban Chutzpah, and Astrid E (with eleven pink kisses).

They are also signed by all the members of the support bands, which included The Detroit Spinners, The Clancy Brothers, Jobriath, and The Eric Ericson Ensemble. All in all, you get a lot of signatures if you win these prizes.

Posters are strictly limited to three per household.

In addition, the first five winners will be sent backstage passes (not transferable) to the next choral/symphonic Procol gig, where all the participating musicians will add their signatures to these valuable, historic items. NB you will need to buy your own concert tickets; the backstage passes do not in themselves entitle you to attend the concert. If you have already had your poster framed, please do not bring it to the gig because of the danger of broken glass. Just supply a sheet of paper or a pillowcase or anything else you have handy.

Because of Covid restrictions, the performers will not, on this occasion, consent to sign any part of your body (thanks, Bendy)

Procol Harum rarities

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