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Would you like a personalised Procol e-mail address?

Palers may have noticed that Jens and Roland use prestige e-mail addresses at BtP: ,

These are in fact 'forwarding addresses', allowing the owner to get their messages sent straight on to their regular e-mail address. Each individual has full private control (via password) over where their mail gets sent to.

Following various enquiries, BtP is looking into the idea of making similar addresses available to Palers: partly to spread the band's name and fame, and partly so that PH Fans can have a short, memorable, and highly-distinctive e-address that says something very positive about them.

But this would cost BtP money, as we would have make some costly changes to our operating methods. We would therefore make a yearly charge (by credit-card) in order to cover the set-up and administration costs. We estimate that this yearly price would be 20 USD.

Remember, to operate this personalised Procol e-mail account you don't have to change your existing e-mail account in any way. You just instruct '' to send your messages on to '', specifying this via your password. And your existing account continues to function in exactly the normal way as well.

[We could also supply a free web-based mail system (that is: you have to log into a website to read Procolised e-mail ... the same way that Hotmail works). With this you could forward mail from any existing mail-accounts to the web-reader, but e-mail sent to '' could not be read by your existing e-mail application. Only those Palers familiar with web-based mail should consider this option].

Please use this BtP poll to indicate your level of interest in a Personalised Procol e-mail address.

Personalised Procol e-mail: Poll
Would you like a '' mail address?

I would pay 20 USD per year to have '' as my e-mail address
I would be interested if it were cheaper to have '' as my e-mail address
I would sign up for the free but limited web-based mailreader, having '' as my e-mail address
This doesn't interest me

See the poll-results

Of course, your vote here doesn't commit you to anything. But if there is sufficient interest from Palers we shall consider taking the necessary steps ...

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