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Procol Harum pictures: 7

Contributed to BtP by Larry Pennisi

A shot of Gary from the 1970 Quite Rightly So article in Crawdaddy.

I fancy the little Victorian painting above him ... seems rather like Procol does it not?


From 1970 Crawdaddy, Gary in a reflective pose. The article had Procol doing a lot of explaining about the Fisher / Knights split. Gary made note in this piece that Chris Copping was chosen due to '... compatibility I suppose.' Nothing's better left unsaid ... only sometimes.


From 1971: Circus Magazine, an article entitled: 'Procol Harum A Band of Changes': guitarist Robin Trower still playing the Gibson SG. As this photo was taken during the Home period, it is understandable. He did not switch over to the Fender Stratocaster until a year later with the release of Broken Barricades.



From 'Procol Harum A Band of Changes'. Here is Keith from that series with the caption stating 'His position uncertain.' The article goes on to inform us that 'It is still uncertain, though, whether Keith Reid, the group's heretofore stage-shy lyricist, would begin to play what was described as a 'backing organ' in place of Fisher.'


'Chris Copping is drunk quicker than you can blink. He wants a writer to talk to him so he can qualify as a star.'

After years of listening to the music, I have realized that there was more to Copping than met the eye. While not an avid fan of his playing (he lacks in the funkier type of chops department though his baroque lines are lovely and quite melodic), I believe that he fit into Procol ... believed in it, and was joyous throughout his tenure with the band.

'He injects great spirit.' said Crawdaddy in 1970.



  'Procol Harum A Band of Changes': Gary backstage at an unknown gig. The caption reads: 'Gary Brooker, now the key member'.


Group hotel room shot of Procol, with Keith scurrying to and fro, from Rock magazine 1973. The article had Gary explaining that Keith had actually gotten the idea for Bringing Home the Bacon from reading American menus on the road. The location of the 'Grand Hotel' room they are in at that moment is however ... unknown.


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