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Procol Harum pictures: 11

Contributed to BtP by Larry Pennisi

From Creem Magazine: a stately, tuxedoed Gary Brooker from an unidentified concert.

The picture was from an article entitled Procol Harum: It's Only Realism. The rest of the series involves Dave Ball as guitarist so the time-frame is obvious. Mention is made however, of a press party high atop the Hollywood Hills. 'Gary Brooker stays unobtrusive ... outside, next to the pool, a 'colored' gentleman dispenses obscenely strong drinks. Procol Harum arrive ... and settle in.'


The silently enigmatic David Knights in a rare moment of daylight


A mid-70s stage-shot from a nice angle featuring the group's 'band' stage-configuration.

Copping appears to be playing rhythm guitar, making it a strong bet they are in the midst of Power Failure. The location is unknown.


  1969 at what is most likely an airport. Note the slightly dishevelled Procol Harum being gawked at by the square in the business suit. If he only knew who he was staring at! 'Chopped up, churned out, weeks of greasy ...'


A costumed Procol Harum and host at an awards presentation for the shocker of the Summer of Love A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Looks like the same night as the Saville picture ... C major, E minor, A minor ...



This is from a 1969 New York newspaper, perhaps Village Voice. The 1964 World's Fair was held in Flushing Meadows in Queens New York. The Singer Bowl (see picture), was in an open air theater at that site. Steppenwolf was enjoying great success with a string of hits starting with Magic Carpet Ride. Procol were in a bit of a commercial downswing, though the Salty Dog album had been released that April. The Moody Blues (not one of MF's favorites, though Justin Hayward writes some of the best and most successful singles in contemporary music) also played, as did NRBQ, a local band who went on to underground success. Strangely, Jeff Milinchek, who inspired me early on and instructed me briefly on Hammond organ, was a good friend of NRBQ, who hailed from his area of the Bronx in New York. The clipping came from my old friend Cathy F, like some of the other material I have submitted: my collection is the result of years of digging and searching.


Mid-70s Procol Harum. The original photo is two feet in length, from a Spanish import LP!


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