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At the Palers' Convention

A feast of pictures from Peter Christian

Not in chronological order … please click to enlarge … the thumbnail often represents only a detail of the parent image

4 Clares during Hesperus: Linda ready with shipwreck effects

A general view of the band-end of the Convention. Luckily this shot is slightly blurred so you can't read the spelling mistake, centre stage

Larry played a nice bit of piano on A Christmas Camel: this is a wide view if you click on it

Peter (14) handles the marimba line for Boredom

Rob, Roland, Linda … Boredom … can you spot the third recorder anywhere?

Boredom again, Jane on bells, sharing harmonies with 'Doc' Wallace

Greg on organ: Stephen looks ready to swallow A Christmas Camel

Dave Ball in mid-Conquistador, with former band-mate Sev Lewkowicz on organ

An unwarranted outburst of Mabel defiles Grand Hotel

Larry did a fine evening's work on the Hammond substitute

'Someone tie my hands together!' cries Greg, having no instrument to play

Greg on the fine piano lent to us by Ben Wiles

Gary plays A Rum Tale for Donna and Richard

Most of the band in mid-Geek … in the centre, guitarist Richard Beck, solid as solid could be

Henry Scott-Irvine, Shine On's founder, wins the signed Procol t-shirt

Malène supplies some real French BVs

The micro-orchestra in action as Richard takes his solo during Grand Hotel (see also here)

Fritz (left) and Wilfried (right) kick the proceedings off with Homburg

Strictly, was this the only non-Procol number
of the evening : Ghost Train

Les nuits qu'on passe a l'Hotel Grande …

Antonio acts out the Wreck of the Hesperus

A Rum Tale ... one of GB's trickiest songs

Jens and Roland play to their only fan

Wilfried on bass … not even a soundcheck for him!

Jens, enthralled by Sam's talk on PH covers

GB arrives … entirely unexpectedly … at the Convention

Wolfgang briefly visible behind the Pearl kit, kindly lent by Roscoe Chubb

Jane and Antonio's Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) … ooh-la-la

Toujours … with the lavish lighting controls and sound-desk, right

Peter's trumpet solo on Pandora's Box – Tito on drums

That headpiece cost
2-99 in Loughborough market

Webmaster Jens at the drum kit

Salad Days … one of the best renderings of the evening

Sam recites Keith Reid's poem, Mr Krupp

Antonio and Sam, antiphonally thin-ending the wedge

'PH Imbalance' rocks its way down Lime Street … not one that was often performed by the proper band!

Jens Anders Ravnaas : the evening's magnanimous toastmaster

Panfile … hands untied!


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