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Millennium Concert : the afternoon (part 1)

Jonas Söderström

Please enjoy these three pages of shots of the people who came to the Web Festival at Stoke Park on Sunday 17 September. Note the lovely summery weather (whereas the Friday before had seen a storm so severe that the fire-alarms in the Jarvis were triggered by thunderbolts!) As you will see there is not a big throng of Guildfordites, but a multilingual multitude of Palers!

As Beverly sagely observed, 'The quality of PH's music is rivaled only by the quality of people it attracts and I am SO glad I have been given the opportunity to mingle and bond with whomever I did …'

(Click on each picture to enlarge)

The "poster" for the festival … one of the worst pieces of graphic design I've seen since 1985. And in the whole of Guildford, I could only spot two such small posters, all in all. This is one - at the tourist information office.

'He moved through the fair …'
Gary among fans at the Shine On / BtP tent,
signing autographs and merchandise

Gary signing the new One More Time CD for Malène Lemoine, from Crete; in the background, Jens and Roland

John Grayson at the Shine On merchandise tent.
You can buy
the new live PH album online
from John
by clicking here

Per-Olof Orhagen from Sweden, and Wilfried van Damme from the Netherlands, with the stage visible between them - at the far end of the field.

Americans Greg Panfile and Marvin Chassman chatting in the Festival area; Marvin wears the BtP shirt he won in the 1998 BtP Christmas Competition

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