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                          "Good Captain Clack"
                      (Gary Brooker - Keith Reid)


        (solo piano):

        G Bm/F# Em      [A B C C# D C B A  piano l.h, single notes]
        /   /   /   /

Verse 1:

         G    Bm/F#     Em         Am       D
        Still scowling black Good Captain Clack
              G Bm/F# Em    Am   [verses: D  organ solo: D7-9]
        Must eat his humble pie
             G Bm/F# G7/F     C/E    Cm/Eb    [to coda on repeat]
        His bed  is  made the colors fade
             G        Em      Am   [verses: D7   organ solo: D+]
        His eyes once wet are dry

Verse 2:

        The naked muse who sits and chews
        Tobacco off a tree
        Removes his shoes, gives way to booze
              G  Em   Am  D  G  [N.C.]
        And searches endlessly


        Eb             Bb
        See the naked jumberlack
        Ab           Eb
        Sip his aphrodisiac
         F7             Bb
        Cotton picking farmers three
          Eb              Bb
        Though I lost my weathervane
        Ab              Eb
        And of sense I have one grain
        F7                   Bb         [N.C.]
        I'm content sipping lemon tea

Instrumental break:

        [organ solo over Verse 1 chords, altered as indicated]

[repeat verse 1]


             G    Em  Am   D  Gm
        His eyes once wet are

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew RogersRogers