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Franky Brooker's message to Procol fans

Sent to BtP on 17 November 2022


Dear PH fans,

So far itís been a very difficult journey as you can imagine losing Gary after 56 glorious years together. He has given us so much pleasure with his music and that will live on forever. I would like to thank you all for your kind words and do hope to meet you all again when we will have a memorial for Gary.

It has come to my attention that somebody has put an ĎEX PROCOL HARUMí band together. I am concerned as you might have misunderstanding about a recent advertisement for a concert on the 31st March 2023. Gary was never keen on tribute bands and it was his wish that he did not want Procol Harum to end up this way. I dearly hope that his wish will be honoured.

ĎEX PROCOL HARUMí have adverts showing many Procol album covers, but please understand that this doesnít come officially from the band, Geoff Whitehorn, Josh Phillips or Geoff Dunn. I can understand fans would be keen to hear Mark Brzezicki and Matt Pegg and they are excellent musicians, but those are the only ex-Procols involved in the ĎEX PROCOL HARUMí. I cannot see this to be a memorial for Gary. I hope you understand my feeling.

There will be a memorial concert for Gary, but it takes time to organize such event. Rest assured that Iím working on it and as soon as I can get all my kind friends to help to find the venue and the place, I will let you know.

So for now I ask you to be thoughtful in your decision about booking any concerts. When the memorial concert is announced, you will see we clearly state that our idea is to raise money for an important worthwhile charity close to Garyís heart and my heart also.

In the memory of Gary letís not run aground but be all hands on deck!

From number-one fan to all of you fans: leave the candle burning bright.

Franky Brooker

Since Franky sent the above memo to 'Beyond the Pale' we have learnt that Matt Pegg will not be participating in the band discussed above. The published line-up is now Mark Brzezicki (drums and back-up vocal), Simon Hough (lead vocal and rhythm guitar), Nick Johnson (lead guitar), Norm Helm (bass guitar) and Ronnie Teape (piano and organ). Hough is the lead singer with the reconstituted Big Country, in which Mark Brzezicki also plays. Its manager, Peter Barton, also represents such bands as 'Animals and Friends', 'From the Jam', and 'The Ex Men', as well as this 'Ex Procol Harum'.

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