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Historic Procol Harum garment from November 1971

Gary Brooker's purple velvet tailcoat, from 1971's Edmonton concert, offered for sale!

Place your eBay bids to own this historic garment – worn for the live recording of Procol Harum's gold record – at eBay

Gary Brooker, on the Edmonton sleeve, in his lovely purple velvet tailcoat

Front view of this rich, one-off, tailor-made coat, a unique item of rock memorabilia, still in exceptional condition.

 Gary Brooker has invited 'Beyond the Pale' to auction this historic garment, the proceeds to be divided between
The BJ Wilson Fund (through which Gary is able to help the great percussionist's family) and 'Beyond the Pale' itself.
Please bid generously!

'Beyond the Pale' asked a Bristol University music graduate to play some Prokofiev, to check that the Edmonton coat still worked. It did!

It's lined in two different, related colours, one of which is visible on the lapels, which are contiguous with the inside of the coat. Between Peter's knees, a glimpse of the colour of the lower inside lining

The handsome back of the garment, which has been preserved since it was worn, in November 1971,
in a moth-proof bag: no blemishes, stains, tears, or fraying!

Good shot of the lapels and the cuff-buttons; but it would look even better if it were ironed

Because it's velvet, different parts take the light in different ways. That breast-pocket is real, and there is a useful inside pocket as well

Two shots of the back of the coat, the tails, in fact. Our model stands about 5 feet 10 inches high and weighs about 150 pounds

Foppish regalia indeed. a close view of those tails. Note how the colour of the photos varies, between this and the shot above. It's a question of how the light
falls on the fabric, and how close one is. It looks fantastic under concert lighting – which presumably influenced the choice of material

The colour of the lower lining complements the rich purple hue of the garment overall.
These probably are not the right shoes and trousers to complete the outfit, however!