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the Pale

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                          "Crucifiction Lane"
                      (Robin Trower - Keith Reid)


        [N.C.]                A
         v  v  v   v  v  v    v  v  v   v  v  v
               ^^^^^^^^^^^ palm mute

Verse 1 (arpeggiate chords throughout first section):

         A [x0222x]          D#dim [xx1212]
        You better listen anybody
           A                      F#m [2442xx]
        'Cause I'm gonna make it clear
         A                  D#dim
        That my life is unimportant
         A                            F#m
        What I've done I did through fear
         A                     D#dim
        There's a river running thru me
         A                   F#m
        Only tide I tried to hide
         A                        D#dim
        None the less I could not shake it
         A                       F#m
        And in the end it swept aside

        All my feeble unimportance
        I can't say "never mind"
         A                 B             F#m
        Can't you hear me mother calling you?
             A         B         F#m
        I'm cold, I'm deaf, I'm blind
        A           B                 F#m
          And it's only 'cause you're lucky
        A         B             F#m
          People know that's no fine
        D        D#dim            A/E    F#m
        I didn't think I'd be an actor
         D     B               F#m [N.C.]
        What I am I'll leave behind

[repeat intro]

Verse 2:

        You better listen anybody
        Cause it's me and you that's it
        And in case you find your maker
        Perhaps you'll plea for us a bit
        All my sick is in my stomach
        All my sweat is clearly fear
        And if you could see inside me
        I don't think you'd have me here

        Tell the helmsman veer to starboard
        Bring this ship around to port
        And if the sea was not so salty
        I could sink instead of walk
        And in case a passing stranger
        Who was standing where I fell
        Tell the truth you never knew me
        And in truth it's just as well


        [repeat first bar of intro]

        guitar solo:

        A      B      F#m            [repeat to fade]
        / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /