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(Pilgrim's Progress)

Confessioni was recorded by the Italian artists Dik Dik, whose Senza Luce is perhaps the best-known non-English AWSoP cover.



E stato lą, in compagnia di amici

  It happened there, in the company of my friends

io non pensavo a niente ed ero gił....

  I wasn't thinking about much, and I was down

arriva lei, due grandi occhi felici

  She arrived, two large, happy eyes

da tanto io non la vedevo pił!

  I hadn't seen her for ages

Mi dice:"Tu, tu non capisci niente,

  She says to me, 'You understand nothing,

su lascia tutto e vieni via con me!..."

  Come on, leave everything, come away with me.'

Ricordo li', li' in mezzo a tanta gente

  I remember, in that place, among so many people

quegli occhi mi chiedevano perchč.

  I remember those eyes asking me why.

L'amore mio č a casa che mi aspetta

  My love is waiting for me at home

e sa che persto o tardi tornero',

  She knows I'll be home sooner or later

se le telefono magari non c'e fretta

  If I ring her ... maybe, there's no hurry ...

la chiamo e qualche cosa inventero'....

  I'll call her and make something up

Chissą che cosa vale un avventura,

  Who knows what's the value of an affair

non vuoi pensare a dopo che farai

  You don't want to contemplate what you'll do later

nemmeno il vero amore fa paura

  Not even true love prevents you

in quel momento vedi solo lei...

  In that moment you see only her

E' stato lą, in compagnia di amici...

  It happened there, in company of friends

amore, l'ho rivista e non so pił

  Baby, I've seen her again and I don't know any more

perchč č successo ma lei sa quanto ti amo

  why it's happened, but she knows how much I love you

stai certa: non ci rivedremo pił.

  Be sure, we'll never meet again

ohh, stai certa non ci rivedremo pił.

  Oh, we'll never meet again

(The writing credit on the record reads: M.fischer [sic] / wordF [sic!] Keit [sic] Reid / Vandelli)

These curiously unapt words for the Italian Pilgrims Progress are by Maurizio Vandelli, of the band 'Equipe 84' (the same Vandelli whose song Clinica Fior Di Loto Spa! plagiarises Boredom without acknowledgement to Matthew Fisher). They were sent in by Antonio Costa Barbé and translated into English for Beyond the Pale by Amelia Wisloch: thanks!)

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