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The Crowd Called Out For More

An open letter to VH1 plus!

Beverly Peyton has several times tried to write VH1 and suggest they broadcast some Procol Harum material. Such has been their silence that she concluded they probably didn't read e-mails. But when she wrote to them on a different matter, the answer came within minutes. So she concluded that they for some reason simply ignore all her requests about Procol Harum. That's why she wrote this open letter to VH1. She also suggests that all the Palers copy her letter and send it to VH1 (maybe with an added ditto or something), to show them there is not just a lonely Florida hairdresser, but a whole world of fans standing behind these wishes.

Mail VH1 here

BtP will closely follow the reactions (or the opposite) from VH1. And webmaster Jens adds this: "If VH1 doesn't take this into consideration, I'll cancel my VH1 subscription."

My name is Beverly Peyton and I have addressed an issue with you several times to which you have not responded since March of '99. This would mean you have been ignoring something very important to thousands of fans around the world and at Beyond the Pale (

Most of those fans have been following the career of Procol Harum for well over 30 years now. This particular group of musicians are every bit established and historical to the world of rock and rhythm and blues as any one band can be if not more so. Their influence has been seen and felt everywhere and their songs have been covered by countless musicians around the world who have reaped the rewards thanks to their influence.

On behalf of a world of fans, I would truly appreciate your program director paying heed to our request and dig into your archives where I'm sure you must have some footage (Midnight Special November 30th,1973) worthy of an airing that could be added to your rotation of shows. Not only would this re-introduce Procol Harum to a new generation deserving of their music, but would satisfy the thirst of a large contingent of fans who are already aware of them.

In all fairness, this message along with my last one to you will be posted at the above mentioned website for all to see on Friday, 3 March 2000. Would it be too much to ask for at least an explanation as to why you not only ignore my letters, but this great band that goes by the name of Procol Harum in your Behind the Music segments or any number of your other programs that deal with the history of Rock and Roll?

Btw ... you might also be interested in knowing that Procol Harum's late drummer Barrie James Wilson was recently voted Drummer of the Century at What have you done for him lately? ;-)

As we like to say around the old website....

Shine On VH1!

Beverly Peyton

but the crowd called out for more ... Keith Reid

Soon after this letter was posted on BtP (but probably before the BtP people had seen it), Beverly received this answer:

Thanks for your note.

We attempt to respond to all the e-mail that comes in, `but considering the large quantity of mail that arrives daily, it is not always possible to do so. Every letter is read, however, and those that request specific programming information (i.e. when will Legends on Queen repeat) are answered first. Those who write in with suggestions for future specials do not always get a reply, but I assure you that all letters are read and feedback is shared with the Programming Dept. and with producers of various shows.

As for Procol Harum, we do not have an upcoming special on this band, but this does not mean they are not under consideration for a future show. There are many great rock bands and artists who have not been profiled on VH1 as of yet (i.e. Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd...). We have a long wish list of artists we hope to profile, and I will share your request for a feature on Procol Harum with the producers of Behind the Music and Legends. Viewer requests are certainly taken under consideration, and we appreciate your feedback.

I apologize if I did not respond to your earlier letters, and hope that this letter makes you feel somewhat better.

Thanks for your interest in VH1.

So apparently they do read their mail! I suggest we give them some. If they receive lots of e-mail requests for Procol Harum they just might consider to run it before Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and the repeat of Legends on Queen .

Beverly's reply to the above

Dear Mr Pagano and Staff of VH1

Thank you for your response concerning PROCOL HARUM. I appreciate the fact that you are all very busy at VH1; but having received responses to other inquiries inside of 30 minutes, as opposed to having to post an open letter at after a year of trying to get your attention, is weak at best.

I have continued to follow many of your programs over the years and find the repetitive nature also lacking. When you tell me you have many bands that have yet to be profiled, shouldn't bells go off? Don't you think it's time to expose these great bands such as PROCOL HARUM, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, which, it might surprise you to learn, have many parallels and links throughout the history of Rock and Roll?

The above-mentioned website has more than enough to start your profile about PROCOL HARUM and I should think your archives, as I mentioned previously, would also contain at least one volume's-worth. Given the repetitive nature of your programs, slipping a new one in there just
might perk things up, especially if it's about PROCOL HARUM! ;-) I can tell you their fans are presently and very impatiently waiting for this bio-data.

The UK's London Weekend Television will be running a profile on them this summer; maybe yours could coincide? If I can be of any assistance,
do let me know.

Shine On VH1!
Beverly Peyton

Dear Mr. Pagano & VH1 Staff,

I was referred to you by Mr P Froning. For the past year I have tried to correspond with your VH1 Shows Department and only recently was able to get their attention, thanks to an open letter between them and, 'Beyond the Pale'.

The webmasters, fans and myself are in a state of befuddlement (as we like to say around the old website ;-), as to why your programmer cannot find a slot to air some footage (Midnight Special 30 November 1973) about this beloved band PROCOL HARUM.

I can only surmise that your decision not to profile this band is simply because you are without the proper videos which would of course, be a tremendous disadvantage. If you are willing and promise to air it, I will gladly donate an official video so that more of your viewers can share in part of the history that has made Rock and Roll so great.

I also wish to indicate that this letter will be posted at along with the continuing correspondence between your staff and myself, so that the registry of fans ... some 1,000 visitors weekly ... can be kept abreast of all the news that is fit to print.

Should you decide to accept this offer, please indicate where I might mail said video and I will gladly send it out to you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Shine On VH1 !

Beverly Peyton


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