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Winner of the new Procol Harum Fiftieth Anniversary CD/DVD boxed set

Gary Brooker divulges the winning number, and we name the winning person, at the foot of this page

The Fiftieth Anniversary Badges for Procol’s European tour – black and white hard enamel, brass and nickel silvering are very tasty indeed, and completely sold out, all 800 of them.

Each has a unique number on the back, one of which entitles the holder to the forthcoming 8-disc Procol Harum CD/DVD collection ... read more, below the picture.
(Note that badges without numbers were produced for the English dates: at that time no plans had been confirmed for the Boxed Set ... so there was no question of offering one as a prize)

For the winning number ... and the name of its lucky owner ... scroll to the the foot of this page.

How to win …

Each badge has a unique number on the back (see below)

Gary Brooker MBE chose a number at random, and the owner of that lucky badge wins a free copy of the forthcoming Fiftieth Anniversary Procol boxed CD/DVD set from Esoteric Records … signed by the whole band.

Read on to find out what the number is. If you have the lucky badge, send a photograph of it it to ‘Beyond the Pale’, and we'll guide you through the rest of the process. Esoteric Records will send you with your signed Fiftieth Anniversary boxed CD/DVD set when it’s available.

In brief …

·        800 badges were sold at European gigs. People bought as many as they wanted: 5 Euros each (except in Italy, where tax was charged)

·        Just one lucky number. First, e-mail a photo of your prize-winning badge to

·        Then we’ll tell you the postal address to mail your badge to, for verification

·        When the Boxed Set is ready, and signed, it will be sent to you, along with your lucky badge


Thanks to Esoteric Records and Gary Brooker for this fantastic Fiftieth Anniversary promotion!

                 The numbered backs of a couple of not-quite-randomly-chosen badges

Gary's verdict (the winning integer drawn by hand from numbered slips of paper): listen here.

The lucky winner is Ms Christine Ayre, from London, England ... who bought her badge (pictured, above) at the Paris gig.


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