Procol Harum

the Pale

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'Should it be banned?

Sent to BtP by Joe at

Readers please note: the BtP team has not edited this page to conform with our house style, believing that too much of its inimitable texture would be lost in the process. There is some suitably hilarious response to this on the Daily Mail website


hello to who i hope is the people in charge of the rights to this song i have included in my poem. lets start. my name is joe and i write poems on news story's. while i was on a mad one in the last week i have listened to illegal pirate stations all night. it can not help bring back memory's of when i was going out clubbing. its quite sad it has not moved on, but i suppose if it sells - why change it. anyway i really do feel the music of today encourages drugs in a much different way to your song. and i feel this is wrong. i hope you don'y mind but i have named your song in my poem to draw in the similarities.

i hope you dont mind but i am going to send my poem to a few of my news contacts and then put it on a few forums on the internet. i hope you enjoy the free publicity for your song. thanks for your time - joe - any problems please feel free to email me. just to show you it is not personel i am also showing you the other poem i have done inspired by the closure of ladys titts on the SUN paper. i am going to send this to ruput now. feel lucky you are the first one to get it lol.

all the best and if there are any problems - contact me on -


A whiter shade of pale - Procol Harum - should it be banned ? 13.02.13

is it making a return,
Jungle FM is on air,
OMG with the names,
it was a shocking share.
how old are they,
are DJ's still making money,
Jungle is not mainstream,
but i thought the canape showed climbers of sunny.
the adverts are different,
they still have a chuckle,
i clearly remember DJ hype,
and them "ragga twins" made me buckle.
saying the gig has sold out,
it is a bit crafty,
i am not sure if there is a word,
but i label it "shaft y".
listening to the tunes,
did it hit the membrane,
OMG them nights,
like the music full of ecstasy and cocaine.
looking back now,
the whole underground music is corrupt,
because it encourages the wrong behavior,
and it needs to end abrupt.
singing about love,
and being as high as a kite,
just look at "A whiter shade of pale - Procol Harum,
it may be wrong, but should it be out of sight.

its "sun" side down for the nipple 13.02.13

he may be old,
and his head like a breast,
but Ruput has gone up,
for declaring removal of the lady chest.
it is long over due,
something that is a must,
everyone has got the internet,
on offer is so much more then the bust.
bye bye page 3,
this good bye will cause a ripple,
i am not saying it will end "titillation",
but at least its "sun" side down for the nipple.

Thanks, Joe


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