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A Whiter Shade of Pale 'Chinese Clobber' worn by Gary Brooker, summer 1967

This historic Robe of Silk, from the Summer of Love, offered for sale!

Place your bids to own this beautiful and historic garment, at eBay

Offered for sale to the highest bidder, a 'Robe of Silk' worn by Gary Brooker for many different publicity shots while A Whiter Shade of Pale was at the top of the UK charts during the 'Summer of Love'

Here it is (left) shown on the front cover of the UK's Record Mirror (10 June 1967); see also  (right) a close-up of Gary in another shot from the same occasion.

[We sold GB's
other silk robe – there are just two – at eBay:
have a look

Your bids are invited for this exceptionally magical and collectable oriental robe.

Above, recent shots shows Gary Brooker in the control room of his studio in deepest Surrey,
displaying the garment, which has been carefully preserved all this time, mothballed in a zip-fronted bag.
The silk lining and brocade work are all in exceptional condition and show no signs of the garment's age


The Robe in 2012, side, front and back views, looking immaculate. There's no size-marking on the robe, but for bidders' guidance
the headless stooge in the above photos stands 70 inches high, has a 37-inch chest and weighs about 160 pounds.

We imagine this extraordinary keepsake from the Summer of Love will be bought by a musician, to be worn for occasional performance;
equally, it would make a magical dressing-gown, as a present for a man or woman; or it may well end up framed in
a rock memorabilia collection. Bids are of course welcome from anybody!


Close up, one can see two small spots of discolouration ... possibly a rust-mark? We have not made any attempt to remove or investigate these   

Lastly, two more Robe of Silk publicity shots taken while A Whiter Shade of Pale was at No 1 in the UK. Gary Brooker has invited 'Beyond the Pale' to auction this garment,
the proceeds to be divided between The BJ Wilson Fund (through which Gary is able to help the great percussionist's family) and 'Beyond the Pale' itself.

Please bid generously, and good luck!