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Beyond the Pale: Christmas anagrams

Those 1997 solutions in full


Procol Harum anagrams: 25 December 1997

Be Barrie’s And Rock
Broken Barricades


Fisher Turf
Fresh Fruit

Glib Norman
Rambling On

Sanctioning Keith
Skating On Thin Ice

Sons Toss Anagrams
As Strong As Samson

Thinking Won't Add To Hint
Nothing That I Didn't Know

Thy English Robin
Shine On Brightly



Procol Harum anagrams: 26 December 1997


Fair England
Grand Finale

Gig-Pip Piggy
Piggy Pig Pig

Mock Bagman

Ohm Grub

Old Hog Inn
Holding On

Out About Width
Without A Doubt

Pop-Up Fisher Enthusiast
The Pursuit Of Happiness

To Delhi
The Idol



Procol Harum anagrams: 27 December 1997

Deaf Humanity's Monuments
In The Autumn Of My Madness

False Truth Hint
The Final Thrust

Gary Hears As A Dead Alien
Salad Days (Are Here Again)

I Am Mr Evildoer
Memorial Drive

Themes In Flowing Gloom
Something Following Me

Troy Fallen
Learn To Fly

Voodoo Inn Funerals
Souvenir Of London

Wraith In Sky
Whisky Train



Procol Harum anagrams: 28 December 1997

Damned Headmaster
The Dead Man's Dream

Dollar Assured Morale
All Our Dreams Are Sold

Met Faulty Homeopath
Playmate Of The Mouth

Population Meter
Perpetual Motion

Remote Hen Thwarted
The Worm And The Tree

Trash Medallion
All This And More

Traumatic White Cassette
'Twas Teatime At The Circus

Wrong-Headed Chefs Threatened Hunger
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence



Procol Harum anagrams: 29 December 1997

Fans Improving Sale
Glimpses Of Nirvana

For Heroic Jonquil
For Liquorice John

Frighten The Oaks
The King Of Hearts

Howling Satires
Whaling Stories

Matching Egoism
Something Magic

Pauper Wrestling
Repent Walpurgis

Pushed Skull
Luskus Delph

Renoir Summoned
Monsieur R Monde

Tube Touches Women
Too Much Between Us



Procol Harum anagrams: 30 December 1997

Fewer Ketchup Horses
Wreck Of The Hesperus

Flimsy Spokesman Tomboy
Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)

Hideous Cottages Festered
(Outside The Gates Of) Cerdes

Leprechaun's Flexitime Snowshoe
In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence

OK Our Lousy Tool
Look To Your Soul

One-Inch Throbbing Game
Bringing Home The Bacon

Prune Epithets
The Piper's Tune

Road-Name Forgers
Song For A Dreamer



Procol Harum anagrams: 31 December 1997

Crucial Infection
Crucifiction Lane

Earnest Scrapings
Strangers In Space

Gaze On Phenomenal Gary Model
Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)

Honey-Cow Curio
Your Own Choice

Merest Subtle Lie
Lime Street Blues

Polythene Bead
Beyond The Pale

Snob Paradox
Pandora's Box

Throttled Handshake Catcher
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle



Procol Harum anagrams: 1 January 1998

Cartoon Squid

Fatal Mechanisms Revoked
The Devil Came From Kansas

Long Hatred
Grand Hotel

Mere Emotion
One More Time

O Dear Me! Naive Rhyme
A Dream In Ev'ry Home

Our Soul-Jam Tour
Toujours l'Amour

Quote Heinz Tune
The Unquiet Zone

Sorry Arty Band
Barnyard Story

Whereas Daft Ophelia
A Whiter Shade Of Pale



Procol Harum anagrams: 2 January 1998

Autograph Bucket Tenancy
(You Can't) Turn Back The Page

Diocese Polka

Mr Nazi Wad
Wizard Man

Flood Logs
Fool's Gold

No! Keen Goggle
Long Gone Geek

Sew Wilhelm
Wish Me Well

Unkind Raga
Drunk Again

Woeful Repair
Power Failure



Procol Harum anagrams: 3 January 1998

Cat Saver
TV Ceasar

Hot Equity Girls
Quite Rightly So

Thankful Monkish Sidemen
The Milk Of Human Kindness

I'm A Charmless Cat
A Christmas Camel

Join Chip Junky
Juicy John Pink

Out To Abide
About To Die

Porn Model's Flaw
New Lamps For Old

Slag Today
A Salty Dog



Procol Harum anagrams: 4 January 1998

Bitch's Brew in Flight Hurry
Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)

Buy Forty Belts
Butterfly Boys

Damp Moor Home
Poor Mohammed

Defend White Hen Ghetto
The Thin End Of The Wedge

Girls Grope Prisms
Pilgrims Progress

Mega-Hit Kitten
Taking The Time

Sows Maintain Him
Man With A Mission

Tenth Burnt-Out Thigh
Nothing But The Truth



Procol Harum anagrams: 5 January 1998

Melt Aura
A Rum Tale

Not Of The Idol
Into The Flood

Pagan Cod Cocktail
Good Captain Clack

Priests Smile
Simple Sister

Repent Wormy Titter
Typewriter Torment

Terrible Hotel Smell
Still There'll Be More

Throw Away Fattened Hut
The Truth Won't Fade Away

Tomahawk Fletcher
The Mark Of The Claw


The song that was left out is Robert's Box ... read the list of triumphant victors

Kindest thanks to various mad correspondents who seemed to believe that some of these anagrams were
as good as the real song-titles, and that surrogate Procol songs should be written to go with them ... RC

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