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No Stiletto Shoes : Millennium Concert

For your viewing pleasure ...

Imagine my surprise at the Shoes' gig on Saturday night, when I discovered that the camera I had borrowed for the occasion would also take movie clips! Only when I found that it didn't switch off properly, after taking what I thought was a still picture, did I figure out what was going on ... and started trying to use it as intended.

The results are dodgy to say the least. But Palers who have seen Gary, Matthew and co only in their Procol incarnation may find it worth clicking on the links below what ensues could be mildly surprising

All of these clips are at the wrong angle and go haywire at the end

Reeling in the Years

108 k

I thought I was taking a still picture of Geoff, so this mpg traces the camera's descent back to waist level.

Geoff again

120 k

More wandering camera-work

Guiro Brooker

120 k

There were all sorts in that percussion box. Can't say I could really hear this contribution! You can see I was then going for another still of Frank and the camera records me panning across

Frank Mead

117 k

an excellent exponent of the mouth-harp

Tilt your head over to the left to view these clips.

Take care not to strike it against the table

Woolly Bully

80 k

Gary and Andy Fairweather Low giving it some harmony

Gary standing

128 k

this would be unconventional demeanour on the concert platform, I suppose


122 k

I can't identify what song this is part of. Sam will know

Good Golly Mr Mead

120 k

you sure like to sway about with that tenor sax

These few clips are more-or-less how they ought to be

Matthew jiving

152 k

he moves vigorously to this rocker and you can also see Geoff to the left

More woolliness

120 k

from Frank and Geoff

Gary percussing

176 k

the sober Maestro of the piano demonstrates another side of his talents

Hoochie Coochie Man

400 k

if that's how you spell it ... GB and AFL at their heaviest

The end of the evening

287 k

a flourish, thank you and goodnight from MF!


Incidentally I don't feel entirely happy referring (above) to "The Shoes' Gig", since the word "Shoes" in the band's name is governed by "No" in other words, there are no shoes, not some shoes therefore the abbreviated form should be "The No-Shoes' Gig" or "The Un-Shoes' Gig" or something of that sort. Are you there, Wilfried? Help me out

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