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No Stiletto Shoes : Millennium Concert

Still more pictures!

Lots more pictures from the Shoes' Millennium Gig on 23 September 2000

Matthew Fisher on VK7

In the foreground, Frank Mead's sax-stands, and Geoff Whitehorn's word-sheet for Reeling in the Years, carefully retrieved by his spouse directly after the gig.

Henry Spinetti glimpsed for a moment

Note also the 'No Stiletto Shoes' logo on the poster at the back of the stage.

Geoff Whitehorn his volume-pedal and effects board artfully cut off at the foot of the picture

Mark Brzezicki didn't play the kit at all during the evening, but he was foregrounded on this instrument (is it a tabla? A solitary bongo?) on a couple of numbers.

I didn't succeed in getting a picture of his brother Steve Brzezicki who played a lot of bass a six string, to boot.

Matthew Fisher glances up to allot a solo during Green Onions

Gary certainly wasn't sitting down studying the keys like this for much of the night

But Andy Fairweather Low keeps back characteristically in the shadows until a solo break will bring him down to the front

Behind the organ, the mighty
Whitehorn guitar rig

Brooker, Fairweather Low, and an ombrageous Pegg.

The music-stand was occasionally used for word-sheets, and once or twice for the requests, I think it supported the odd chord-chart

On such a very crowded stage it was quite rare to get a full view of Henry Spinetti and even then the light was rarely favourable.

Sorry Henry I did try!

That blur is the glorious tenor sax of Frank Mead in mid-convulsion.

Mr Whitehorn seems positively statuesque by comparison

The drawbars on the VK7 may be seen here, as well as the way the casework mimics the Hammond B3 design.

This instrument produced a good Hammondesque sound all evening.

An organist's hands

Impossible to photograph, but very easy to observe, the economy of effort with which Matthew Fisher plays, making finger-substitutions in order to preserve a long note while the hand adjusts to reach up or down, or coolly executing a speedy scalar passage with neatly 'correct' fingering

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