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Procol Harum for the USA?

Send your opinions to BtP and the band's management

Procol Harum have been asked to consider doing some US dates starting on 20 April 2003 on the East Coast and ending in Los Angeles around 4 May 2003. It is proposed that the dates would be intimate venues where the band could get a real chance to relate to the audience.

This is a change from the normal concert set-up and BtP would like to solicit visitors' views on the possibility, which will be fed back directly to Procol management. So please answer carefully and DO NOT overstate your case. The last thing we want is to build up any sort of expectation that cannot be realised. Far better for Procol to play a few dates and sell them out - more likely to promote a return visit. Similarly, do not submit multiple responses. This is not the same as a vote-AWSoP-up-the-charts exercise!

Please don't respond, on this occasion, if you don't live in North America. And please be aware that the publication of these questions doesn't promise or guarantee that the band will actually get offered suitable gigs in the USA.

Some of these questions relate not to the tour issue directly, but to your attitudes to BtP and your Procol-listening habits. If the results are interesting BtP may make a survey page about them, but we will present only statistics, and not personal details.

Lastly: your e-mail address is safe with us ... we won't pass it on to anyone outside Procoldom.

Your name

Your e-mail address

In what decade were you born?

Would you be happy to see Procol Harum play live in North America again?

What state do you live in?

What town or city would you ideally like to see Procol play in?

How many miles would you travel to see Procol Harum play?

How many people would you bring to a PH show (include yourself)

If Procol played a convenient venue more than once on a tour, would you turn out for more than one show?

Do you like the idea of Procol Harum playing a limited number of club style shows ?

When did you last see Procol play in the USA?

Use this space for any comments you may have about PH touring. Maybe you have some contacts in the media that could be useful? No need to write anything here, but if you do, it should be under 350 characters, including spaces

What is your favourite Procol Harum album?

Do you plan to buy The Well's on Fire, the new Procol Harum, expected in March 2003?

Did you hear the first dose of pre-release song-excerpts from The Well's on Fire whose location was mailed to all subscribers to the 'Fresh Fruit' newsletter?

Do you intend to buy Lost in the Looking-Glass ('Compulsive listening', Gary Brooker enthuses) to hear 40 great new versions of Procol songs for 22 dollars, and support 'Beyond the Pale' financially?

How often to you visit 'Beyond the Pale'?

Thanks for taking the trouble to fill in this survey.

Please press 'Send data to BtP' just once and wait a while for the page to respond, or 'Start afresh' if for some reason you wish to reset all your answers

Don't click the button more than once, please. The page responds slowly ...


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