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'Nothing But The Sea Between Us'

The cover picture

This brilliant cover artwork for the Palers' CD is the work of guitarist Richard Beck from Memphis, whose skilful Procol montage prompted BtP to ask if he could devise a photo-collage of all twenty musicians who took part in the Palers' Band concert … as may be seen below, Mr Beck was more than equal to this seemingly impossible challenge.

The collage draws on photographs by Peter Christian, Fritz Friedl, Beverly Peyton, Donna Roberds and Jonas Söderström; you may be able to spot one or two images that had to be 'flipped' in order to fit them together

Dave Ball, UK
Robert Barnes, UK
Richard Beck, USA
Stefano Bottacchi, Italy
Sam Cameron, UK
Jane Clare, UK
Linda Clare, UK
Peter Clare, UK
Roland Clare, UK
Antonio Costa Barbé, Italy
Wilfried van Damme, Netherlands
Tito Davila, USA
Fritz Friedl, Germany
Dave Godfrey, UK
Malène Lemoine, Crete
Sev Lewkowicz, UK
Wolfgang Lieke, Germany
Greg Panfile, USA
Larry Pennisi, USA
Jens Anders Ravnaas, Norway
Stephen Wallace, Australia.

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CD1 : Real Audio clips: Homburg, Kaleidoscope, Lime Street Blues, Toujours l'Amour, The Thin End of the Wedge, Salad Days (Are Here Again), Too Much Between Us, Barnyard Story, Wreck of the Hesperus, Ghost Train, Mr Krupp, A Salty Dog, Nothing But the Truth CD2 : Real Audio clips: A Rum Tale*, Fires (Which Burnt Brightly), Conquistador, Boredom, The Dead Man's Dream, A Christmas Camel, Long Gone Geek, Pandora's Box, Still There'll be More, Grand Hotel, This Old Dog, A Whiter Shade of Pale
*played and sung by Gary Brooker: story here

Try listening to these low-resolution clips, if you have a slow internet connection: CD1, CD2

Index page for the Millennium Palers' Convention

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