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From Josh Phillips's scrapbook

 A fascinating look at his early keyboards

In each case, click to view the whole picture in its original scrapbook setting

From top left: Korg 700S; Hohner Clavinet D6; Bentley Ace Tone GT7 (organ very like the Hammond X5 but early 70s 
model); to the right: Korg 700; Korg Lambda poly string synth thing; Sharma rotary Cabinet (= British Leslie); Yamaha A4115h self-powered bin; Roland KM6A mixer
WEM Copycat. Red leads all over the place. 'Think the little boxes are phaser and flanger, can't remember,' says Josh, who is playing a Knight upright piano

Josh is playing a Yamaha SK50D dual manual Poly synth

Synth set up with drum kit

Two shots of Josh during his synth solo on Stranger, a song he wrote with the singer of Spitzbrook, his band at the time (see below)

'I have just put "Spitzbrook" into Google,' Josh writes to BtP. 'Quite an eye-opener. The single is worth upwards of 50.'

Spitzbrook  was founded by Jim Day from Charterhouse School on 13 May 1977 ... pretty well exactly when Old Testament Procol Harum was folding. Spitzbrook was the first Band to play Charterhouse since Genesis had formed there ten years earlier. Spitzbrook was Day's family farm in Marden, Kent (supposedly built for Prime Minister Gladstone): the band  rehearsed there in the former billiard room.

Josh Phillips-Gorse (as he was then called) joined the band on keyboards in 1980. Their only record sales came from Stranger c/w Looking at You, recorded at Oakwood Studios, Hearn Bay in spring 1981: the band themselves financed 1,000 pressings on the Ace label, which makes the single very collectable: the line-up was David Bolton (vocal), Ant Baker (guitar), Terry Golding (bass), Andy Dovey (drums) and Josh on keyboards.

Final Spitzbrook sessions took place in spring 1982; by this time Josh had left, to be replaced by Vince Whitlock.

Josh's page at BtP

Josh with Cross Section in 1978

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