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Two ordinary Danes and AWSoP

That Eurovision Connection …

Niels-Erik Mortensen writes to BtP:

Recently I claimed in a mail to you personally that there were no connections to be found between our Favourite Rock Band and the Olsen Bros., who took everyone by surprise by winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. (here they are on the sleeve of their first self-titled album (1973): they really look cute, don't they?)

I was wrong. As the following quotation from the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet shows, the older Olsen - Jørgen - immediately names AWSoP his favourite song.

The paper - not Jørgen Olsen himself - has once again that awful mis-spelling 'Procul' once again. The same crime against decency was committed by the TV magazine Billed Bladet last Thursday in a presentation of Lawrence Kasdan's picture The Big Chill.
Portrait / interview: The Olsen Bros: Ekstra Bladet,13 May 2000
Name: Jørgen
Age: Just 50
Marital state: Married to Lena, whom I have known since 1968. Children: Marie, 21, and Line, 17
Career: From 1965 a pop musician in a band named ’The Kids’, main role in Hair 1971, début as ’Olsen Bros.’ 1972, today school teacher just on the verge of having a year off. (…)
Favourite song: A Whiter Shade of Pale by the band Procul [sic] Harum.
Navn: Jørgen
Alder: Lige fyldt 50.
Ægteskabelig status: Gift med Lena, som jeg har kendt siden 1968
Børn: Marie, 21 og Line på 17
Karriere: Fra 1965 popmusiker i bandet The Kids, hovedrollen i Hair i 1971, debut med Brødrene Olsen i 1972, i dag skolelærer med et års orlov i vente. (…)
Yndlingssang: A Whiter Shade of Pale med bandet Procul [sic] Harum.

And Wilfried van Damme writes as well:

On Saturday 3 June 2000, The Dutch regional newspaper BN / De Stem published an interview with the Olson Brothers, who won the
recent Eurovision Song Contest - entitled Twee doodgewone Denen [Two Ordinary Danes], by Hans Jacobs, page 8.

One of the Brothers (it's not clear who) is quoted as saying (I translate):

"We are children of the great revolution of the 60s. A wonderful time. So many changes, the invention of pop music. We were lucky to be part of that. Bob Dylan, Procol Harum. My God, what a talent in these days. Especially in England. That's the reason why we were so glad that England gave us 12 points. That great England."

[I am not satisfied with my translation of the last sentence, which should convey the idea of 'England! The mighty England']

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