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the Pale

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'My interpretation of AWSoP'

Nicholas Kin

We skipped a light fandango we danced a fandango, skipped meaning dance swiftly, not per se skipping the dance (fandango a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time )

Turned cartwheels across the floor they were dancing well all over the dance floor (the fandango is a dance that needs much room, it's very fast paced.

I was feeling kind of seasick the drinking (admitted later in song) and the "fandango" is a dance that you spin frequently

but the crowd called out for more they were cheering them on, they were the centre of attention

the room was humming harder the intensity of the alcohol is realized

the ceiling flew away full blown spins from alcohol

when we called out for another drink self explanatory

The waiter brought a tray tired of making trips, brought an entire tray of drinks

and so it was that later, the miller told his tale he seems to be explaining to his friends that they were dancing, the whole room was cheering them on, they were the centre of attention; the waiter brought more drinks, everything was going great and then she turned a whiter shade of pale (she looked as if she were going to vomit)

She said there is no reason and the truth is plain to see it almost seems that he is attempting to take her home for the night, and she maybe is declining, and then he thinks, the truth is plain to see that she is a virgin. So that's why she would provide a reason, nervousness, or whatever

But I wandered through my playing cards trying to chose the correct combination of words to get her to go home with him, trying to convince her

and would not let her be still trying to convince her

one of sixteen vestal virgins who were leaving for the coast first, the 16 vestal virgins were girls chosen from the ages of 6-10 that were trained for 10 years, to guard the sacred fire in the Temple of Vesta: a vestal virgin means she had to take an oath of chastity till the end of her job, if she didn't she would be burned alive, so until she was about 20. So he is just saying that she is probably a young virgin I assume 14-19 years of age, declining his attempts and he is thinking that she has her guard up LIKE a vestal virgin, remember he is still "wandering through his playing cards"

and although my eyes were open literally speaking

They might have just as well been closed he wasn't taking the hint, she was not interested in sleeping with him

My interpretation of this song makes the most sense in my head, but I didn't write the song. This is only my interpretation. But it does feel close.

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