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the Pale

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A strong love song

Emily Morgan on AWSoP

We skipped a [sic, passim] light fandango   They were dancing, and falling in love
Turned cartwheels cross the floor   Were haveing a fabulous time [sic, passim]
Feeling kinda seasick   Nervous
But the crowd called out for more   But knew he couldnt stop it now
The room was humming harder   Pressures growing....
The ceiling flew away   Suddenly, its magical
Call out for another drink   Ask for a little bit more........
The waiter brought a tray   Get more than enough, overwhelming ( overwhelmed by love?)
As the miller told his tale   As he told her how he felt
Her face at first just ghostly   Already pale- beautiful
Turned a whiter shade of pale   Looked even more beautiful then ever imagined, was scared, but excited aswell
She said there is no reason   No REASON for falling in love
truth is plain to see   Its clear they're in love, but cant do anything about it
wandered through my playing cards   Looked at all of his options and choices
would not let her be   Wouldn't just let her go
one of sixteen vessel virgins   One of Many beautiful women
leaving for the coast   All of which are leaving him
thouogh my eyes were open   Even though they were all there to see
they might've well have been closed   Couldn't see them, only had eyes for her

This of corse is just one of HUNDREDS of interpretations, and i cant deny that the lyrics could mean a number of other things. aka:

THE TITANIC!!!!!! he and this woman are on the titanic and are unboubtadly in love!!!! HOWEVER.... she gets into one of the lifeboats (women and children first) and leaves him behind!! then, when the titanic sinks, the millar (whoever this may be) tells her of how her love went down with the ship, and her reaction goes beyond that of thought, going far further then any other reaction----fitting perfectly with the description of her face turning A WHITER SHADE OF PALE.

then again this could just be a tail about two people getting seasick. HOWEVER no-one can deny that this is a strong love song, and an utterly genius one at that.

I would just like to say that i LOVE this song, and already know that i want it played at my wedding. it is a classic and should be appreciated for how brilliant it really is.

By Emily M

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