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'Remembering Gary Brooker' • Concert on 4 December 2023

New release of tickets ... and a special code to save you 100 GBP


'Beyond the Pale' is in the happy position of being able to announce one more opportunity for fans to get a ticket for this hitherto sold-out event. A limited run of special edition tickets has become available, priced at £1,000 each. Yes, a thousand British pounds. But do read on ...

These are not your run-of-the-mill tickets, but unique digital collectible ones launched by Standard Songs, a new company that manages the music assets of the Brooker Estate, and aims to pursue Gary's charitable work.

So your £1,000 will buy you not only a ticket to the concert, but also a valuable signed 'first print' from the official concert photographer Kos Evans, and a unique ‘one-of-one’ collectible digital NFT version of the same photograph (we explain NFT below. It's nothing to do with the National Film Theatre). 

Kos Evans Prints typically sell for thousands of pounds, so the buyer is receiving something of great worth; and the NFT version (see below) could also be a valuable asset in its own right.

Standard Songs was founded by one of Gary’s close friends, John Caulcutt CBE, who is working with Kos Evans, and also with portrait artist Johnny Jonas, to create content for an exclusive NFT collection to be launched in early 2024. Read what John said at GB's funeral

Will Wolsey, Head of Digital Assets at Standard Songs says, ‘This is a ground-breaking way to expand the reach and creative depth of this one-off special concert. The NFT element is incredibly exciting and something you will start to see more and more of. We are giving Procol Harum fans an opportunity to own something of historical and real value, both in a combined digital NFT format and a physical one.’ The collection of exclusive photos and paintings will be the first of its kind to follow a concert and is set to raise a large amount of money for The Royal Marsden and Cure Parkinsons.

Click here for this last release of tickets

By kind arrangement with Will Wolsey 'Beyond the Pale' readers can enjoy a ten percent discount on these tickets
for a limited period
(until 5pm UK time on 16 November): just type in this special code:

Even though this will be a wholly unique concert, and ticket-buyers receive a choice photo in digital form that could in time be worth more than the price of the ticket, it's still a lot of money to shell out, especially if you want to come with a partner or significant other. So, in another thoughtful concession, Standard Songs has agreed that buyers of the second ticket in a pair need not receive the rewards outlined above, but may instead put them into a collection sale in early 2024 (so that somebody else can buy them). The buyer of the second ticket will be refunded the price their assets reach in the sale (less 30% costs). So if the NFT, which entitled the buyer to the 'first print' and the digital version, sold for £1,000, for example, Standard Songs would refund the original buyer £700 ... though of course they cannot guarantee what the sale price will be. These Benefits apply only to readers of 'Beyond the Pale'.

Non Fungible Tokens

The NFT market is the large and ever increasing Web3 space that allows creators and collectors to create, buy, sell, and trade digital assets on the blockchain. Typically, these have been digital artworks that have been popular within the original NFT community, but recently the market is expanding to accommodate and increase the breadth of opportunities for the music industry, fine art world and fashion. Digital NFT versions of famous contemporary paintings have been known to sell for almost as much as the original. There is a rapidly growing market of collectors seeking NFTs of enduring worth that combine historical significance, notable subject matter and rarity value.

Highly regarded portrait artist Johnny Jonas – whose previous subjects have included the late Queen and Queen Mother, and the recently-ennobled and surprising Foreign Secretary David Cameron –  has been commissioned to create a portrait of Gary Brooker that will be sold at auction to raise funds for The Royal Marsden Hospital in London. The portrait will be offered for sale as part of the NFT collection: the buyer will receive an NFT conveying ownership of the physical painting, along with the only NFT digital version of the painting in existence. The digital version will be presented to the buyer in a specially designed NFT screen frame. 

Renowned photographer Kos Evans has been commissioned to capture Eric Clapton, Roger Taylor and all the splendid artists on the night. The official images from the concert will be sold as part of a collection of ‘one-of-one’ collectible digital NFT prints and the buyers will also receive a physical 'first print' of their photograph, signed by Kos. There are expected to be around fifty photographs in the collection and the NFT concert ticket buyers will get first choice as one of their perks.   




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