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Souvenir Brochures from the Brooker Memorial Concert

Available to collectors by post, May 2024

On 4 December 2023 people attending the Gary Brooker Memorial Concert in Guildford UK were able to buy the official souvenir brochure for 10 GBP.

‘Beyond the Pale’ has secured a number of these (unused!) for Procol/Brooker fans who would have liked to be there but couldn’t get tickets. Prices below!

It’s a sixteen-page full-colour A4 programme containing photos and biographies of the players, pictures of Gary onstage and at home, pictures of the band by photographers including Bert Saraco, articles about the charities supported by the concert, features about the band-name, and about Gary’s relationship with the fans, and of course a tribute to him and his ‘unique entertainment’.

Here are some programmes propped up on a Steinway piano that was not unknown to the Brooker fingers.

Also, crucially, the souvenir brochure contains a full-page advertisement for the forthcoming hardback book, Gary Brooker and Procol Harum Day by Day, in which pro journalist and Procol scholar Frans Steensma catalogues every known performance and recording by the great man, with a wealth of detail unmatched in previous publications, 500+ illustrations (many hitherto unpublished), and a telling 1,800-word preface by Franky Brooker.

The memorial programme contains the pre-ordering information for this long-awaited tribute to Gary’s life and work, now in the last stages of preparation.

Subject to availability we’ll post the Memorial Concert official programmes out to collectors on a first-come first-served basis. Since we closed the BtP shop – for well over ten years the sole outlet for official PH merchandise –  our best way to serve fans is by the following procedure:

• Write an e-mail to . This should include your name, full postal address, and the number of programmes you want. Send no money!

• ‘Beyond the Pale’ will then invoice you through PayPal.

• When you pay the invoice, we send the programme(s).

You don’t need a PayPal account to make this work: settle the invoice by credit-card, just as if you were paying your hypnotist, mechanic, oboe-coach, etc

Below, the prices for sending you one programme:

Prices for sending one brochure, including postage and packing

... to a UK address

    6.00 GBP

... to Europe, outside UK

    10.00 Eur
(roughly 9.60 GBP)

... to the rest of the world 

    15.00 USD
(roughly 12 GBP)

If you’re ordering multiple copies we’ll have to let you know the price, depending on the weight of the filled envelope.

All postage and packing charged at cost. This is of course not a money-making gambit.

Photograph by Charlie Allison from the night in question ... reproduced with permission from Franky Brooker


Gary Brooker


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