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Allen Edelist, 19 November 1950 – 16 May 2018

Two floral displays pay tribute to our sadly-missed friend

Allen's memorial service took place on 1 June in the Factor Chapel of Wilshire Boulevard Temple, 3663 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

Procol Harum themselves sent this floral tribute in One-Eye's memory. Clearly modelled on the cover of A Salty Dog, its lifebelt encircles one eye ...
The letters at the top signify the donors, and those at the bottom presumably refer to the super fan the wreath honours

'Beyond the Pale', with valued help from Los Angeleno Jeremy Gilien, sent this floral tribute, a wreath laced with carnations
Accompanying it, but not pictured here, was a Memorial Card with the following words:

‘We'll raise our glass to absent friends’.

For Allen, 98 carnations, one for each of the Procol Harum concerts that helped shape your life, and brought you together with fellow fans all round the world.

Thank you for all your generosity, your witty company, your prolific correspondence, your ubiquity, your inimitable singing, your kindness and insight, your good-natured eccentricity, and all the fun we shared.

‘It's time to change and start anew
To leave our home for pastures new
Where we go, ah, we won't know
It's something that we got to do …
We're looking to the future
But we'll keep one eye on the past.’ 
(Keith Reid)

From Jens and Roland at ‘Beyond the Pale’, on behalf of your many Procoholic friends, far and wide … who are going to miss you terribly.

RIP, dear One-Eye.

Tribute with context

Allen's brother Evan Edelist, with the two tributes

They've been moved to the reception room

Thanks to Jeremy for the photographs. He included this shot of piano and organ together at the Memorial Service,
though in fact neither was played. He felt sure that Allen would nonetheless have uttered the word 'Continuum'!

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