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Mary's Miscellany (15)

Procol images from BtP and other sources, with new commentaries and captions by Mary Roussey


Keith Reid in a headlock from Gary Brooker near Abbey Road Studios 

The most famous pedestrian crossing in the world.  Gary Brooker, Keith Reid, Chris Thomas
(the first time he had ever posed on the crosswalk) and John Rewind doing the obligatory thing. 
Abbey Road studios is the two-storey building on the left, and the Beatles' studio
was down the central hall to the right

Mark Brzezicki, Geoff Whitehorn, Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher and Matt Pegg at the "Symphony at the Regnitz "


Wearing red, Pam and Richard, BJ Wilson's brother and sister; also shown, their spouses Charles and Margy
Leamington Spa, Hallowe'en 2010 (photo by Roland Clare)

Geoff with a few of his guitars!

Josh Phillips and Matt Pegg - just hanging out

Geoff Dunn previously played with Joe Cocker, Jimmy Page, Shania Twain, Bob Dylan,
Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, Sting and Van Morrison, among others


Maf's organ and Gary's piano the combo provided a keyboard sound unmatched in the rock world

Gary Brooker, BJ Wilson, Matthew Fisher, Robin Trower, Dave Knights in rehearsal at
The Constitution Hall in Washington on the A Salty Dog tour in 1969 (photo by William Hatfield)

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