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Greetings on Gary Brooker's birthday

29 May 2015 celebrated all round the world

Fans sent their greetings – for GB to read on this page – by e-mailing

Dear Gary
I have been enjoying your music for the past 45 years and had the pleasure to see PH on a number of occasions and be associated with Palers’ albums. Many congratulations on your birthday and here’s to many more years of music making!
Very best wishes
Alan Garmonsway
Newbury, UK

A very happy 70th birthday Gary.

Countless thanks for decades of continued listening enjoyment and inspiration.

Alan Matthews
South Devon.

Happy Birthday to the great Commander.
Greetings from Andrè. Norwegian Drummer
(the owner of the Union Flag drum kit).
Willem Andrè Romkes

For me you're one of the few musical geniuses of the XX century, so I wish you another seventy years of excellent music with Procol Harum.
Happy Birthday from your Italian friend,
Andrea Grasso

Dear Gary,
I wish you all the best for your anniversary. Your songs are in my heart for 40 years. I hope you play them still a long time. My wife says they shouldn't leave her with you alone - I hope someone says that to me when I'm seventy!
Andreas Abs from Berlin

Happy Birthday Gary,

Hope you have a great day – with all my best wishes.

Andrew Leslie (Scotland)

Hi Gary
Happy birthday and thank you for all of the wonderful music. You've touched the lives of so many people throughout the world. Best wishes on the occasion of your 70th birthday, and here's to many more!
Andy Hall
ex-patriate Texan living in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Happy 70th birthday to the artist who, above all, has left me captivated, spellbound, enchanted, enlightened, and entertained for most of my life. There is no living artist for whom my admiration and, yes, love runs deeper (if Elgar were still alive, it would be a draw.)!

May God bless you, Gary, and bring you an endless number of trout of surprising size and cunning!

Art Dudley


This American fan remembers those days of musical drought, after the two New York shows in '77. You had given us so much, Gary, and the temporary void was almost painful. Carina and I are so very, very glad that not only are you back in action but that you seem to be in your best days! Enjoy 70!! God bless you - may you have many more years of good health, good times, and good music!
How nice it is to not have to make overseas phone calls to try to track down a contact for "Mr Gary Brooker, somewhere in England." Now it seems that the hope of seeing you, our hero, usually with Procol Harum, is never very much out of reach.
In this 'New Testament' of Procol Harum it seems like we've become more of a community of friends than a fan-base.
I'm so glad that you've generously shared your friendship with us as well. We consider the handful of times that we've met you to have been very special moments for us - and the great part, is that we've gotten the impression that not only are you a great man but a good one as well.
So, at the risk of being repetitious, we say, "shine on, Gary Brooker!"
Bert and Carina Saraco, Franklin Square, NY

'Ello Gary,
Happy Seventieth! It's comforting to know your about 8 years ahead of me as it makes me realize I should be able to do what I do well for at least eight more years. Cheryl and I also appreciate that your marriage to Franky took place four years before we got together. It's all good.
Now for the sappy, communal part: Thanks for forty eight years of inspirational music and the last many years you've made us feel like friends. Looking forward to many more years of The Commander driving the force that is Procol Harum.

With great respect and admiration,
Bob (Bub) and Cheryl
Honeoye Falls, New York


Like many fans, I have been with Procol all the way. I have always wanted to express to Gary what a fantastic musical legacy he has created: Happy Birthday to one of the greatest, most original composer/musicians that has ever lived.

Bob Bourland. Texas, USA


I don’t think a day goes by where one or more Procol Harum songs doesn’t get played from my library. One might think I’m a bit obsessed …and they’re right! But fortunately a healthy obsession. I don’t believe it’s curable. All the PH music I listen to … and I STILL crave …

Can’t thank you enough for all the years of great music that so many folks…still, just don’t get. If they only knew…
Wishing you the Greatest, and Happiest Birthday
A Most Grateful Fan,

Bob Fontanetta (USA)

PS Great cause for a new Procol Harum CD, don’t ya’ think ?

Dear Gary,

Wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday, I can't believe
it has been a year since we celebrated your 69th Birthday in Freising
and our wedding ceremony in the hotel! We will be sure to raise a pint
to you and hope you have a great day full of celebrations.

Best wishes
Brendan and Kellie xx

Best wishes, Gary, on your 70th birthday.  It has been a pleasure of my life since my teen years to have Procol Harum and your remarkable voice and music as a continuing gift.  I have been able to share this joy with my friends, family, wife and children and I am thankful to you for that.  Ready for another go at "Milk of Human Kindness" at the next Palers’ Convention if you are!  May you continue to have a life of love, music and never dropping down the key of a Procol song.

Bruce Gold
New Rochelle, NY

A wonderful birthday to you Mr Brooker and a note of thanks for the absolute pleasure you have given me, and countless others around the globe, with your musical genius for over 50 years.

May you continue to shine on brightly for many years to come.

Best wishes

Bruce Willis from Australia

Happy Birthday Gary! Been fun following your work these 45 years.

Good health and good cheer!

Buddy Zech,
Gettysburg PA USA

Happy Birthday, Gary!

I'm just taking the time to write you a few lines and feel so far behind. I keep forgetting my own fading memories but the following ones I will always remember.

In the autumn of my madness I saw glimpses of Nirvana. I saw Magdalene outside the gates of Cerdes and she wandered through the garden fence. I noticed something following me. It was a whiter shade of pale...beyond the pale. Someone told me the devil came from Kansas with all his fires which burnt brightly but I felt as strong as Samson albeit skating on thin ice. "Shine on brightly" - she uttered to me assertively. I knew how right she was but all I wanted was bringing home the bacon eight days a week. 'Twas teatime at the Circus and had to jump on my whisky train. "Wish me well" - I said holding on. Then, at the blink of an eye, I went past broken barricades, turned left to "The Worm and The Tree" pub and sharp on the right to the Grand Hotel where all our dreams are sold to fellow travellers. Good Captain Clack was there, rambling on whaling stories or a rum tale perhaps. Drunk again, without a doubt. "Look to your Soul" - I whispered to a salty dog seated nearby, dreaming along his twisted path and tortured course upon the seventh seasick day. "Repent Walpurgis" - he squawked back at me - and listen to my song for a dreamer. "You know" - he said - "there's a dream in ev'ry old English dream of your own choice. Just learn to fly and meet strangers in space! At the end of the kaleidoscope you'll see Pandora's box and, inside, you'll either find a fresh fruit or some fool's gold. Go to the VIP room now, ask for the King of Hearts and search for the Emperor's new clothes, not just a robe of silk. You see...this world is rich...still there's so much boredom. The question is: 'What's the pursuit of happiness and the dead man's dream?'. Keep watching the pilgrim's progress, salad days are here more time. Still there'll be more...yes, all this and more...but, remember, the truth won't fade away and you can't turn back the page. You are the idol and a wizard man with a mission. And quite rightly so!"
"Nothing that I didn't know and nothing but the truth, - I thought - really something magic!"

?Toujours l'amour, Conquistador!?

Carlo Asciutti
Reggio Calabria, Italy

Dear Gary, two years ago you told me "happy birthday", so I'd like to say the same now. Have a great one and keep playing, your music is always of great inspiration and discovery for me and for the people who plays it with me.
Jack Ponissi (Italy)

Happy and Beautiful Birthday to you Gary!

Lots of Love to you ... always ...

With all my heart
Carole Dupuy x

(Montreal, Canada)

Amazing to think that when I first saw the Paramounts you were just 20 and already a seasoned musical performer.
I was just 14 and still two years from discovering Procol Harum, who would become a big part of my life. I remember at Uni being up against Fairport Convention, Led Zeppelin and Al Stewart in my flat, and all my friends still know of my enduring loyalty in "advocacy" for the band.
What a wonderful career you have had, based chiefly on a union with an unusual poet/lyricist, producing fine, classy, timeless music, with soul and blues at its roots.
But you have other strings to your bow - as a "guest pianist" and singer with any number of musical legends.  Charity concerts.   And there's always the fishing too!
What is strange that with your liking for fishing, the great outdoors and the whisky that you have not stepped on to a Scottish stage for such a long long time!
Maybe that might be something to do in your seventies?  And you could discover a good lochside or mountain retreat to "find the muse" for a further record?
In 3 weeks I will be travelling down to the Ewhurst polo grounds, hoping again to hear a fine selection of your best music.  I am sorry to miss the continental outings this year, but they are just before a big family wedding in East Lothian.
This comes of course with very best wishes for continuing health and happiness.
Charlie Allison, Brechin, Scotland.

Happy Happy Birthday Gary Booker!
Wishing You Many Many More
Lots Of Love
Have A Great Day

Charmaine Singh (USA)

Thank you for the music. My brother painted the Salty Dog album cover on his bedroom ceiling when he was at school!
Shine on.

Chris (Hereford, UK)

Happy 70th birthday captain.

Long may you rock!
Chris and Vicki (Copping) xx

Gary, with great respect I wish you a very happy birthday. As a musician and gentleman you are admired worldwide and your songs touch us all very deeply, speaking as they do to both the mind and the soul. The class and sincerity you bring to music is unmatched and you consistently give us intelligent, inventive and beautifully performed songs. It is an honour to enjoy your work. My best regards to you at seventy, I wish you many more years of health and happiness. Remember, as the proverb says, ‘the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune’.

So thank you, Gary, for all your music.

Claire Margerison, UK.

Happy Birthday! I wish you Love and good health! And thanks for coming to New York  and surrounding areas many times over the years! Keep rockin'
Dan Werner
Queens, New York

The name Gary Brooker will always conjure up images of my high school years and a buddy I had back then named Dominick Daurio. It seemed that we were the only two guys who really understood Procol Harum enough
Blessings On Your Head,
Daniel Alimossy (USA)

Merci de bien vouloir transmettre mes voeux de bon anniversaire à
l'occasion des 70 ans de Gary ! Que sa santé soit toujours bonne et qu'il
continue de chanter !
Merci à lui pour tout ce qu'il nous donne, seul ou avec Procol Harum !
Daniel Maillot
Voiron, France

A very happy birthday, Mr Brooker.

Dante Sciarappa

Happy Birthday and many, many more years with us.
We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon again.
Warm regards
Demetrio and Lucienne - Geneva

Hi Gary

Your music, playing and vocals have given me enormous joy over the last fifty years. You ARE my musical hero. I meet you at Chris Copping's house in Melbourne, Australia, with my wife and daughter and – while I have tried to make it to the various PH Fans' conventions – this never seemed to eventuate

Anyway, have a great day and keep the music coming. You are appreciated all around the World

Best wishes

Dennis Grant
Australia … now living in Christchurch New Zealand

Happy Birthday, Gary.

Since 1970 Procol Harum has enriched my life with its music, voice and lyrics.

Hope the band will tour the NY/NJ area again.

Dennis Pausz
Manchester, New Jersey, USA

Happy birthday Gary Brooker, from a long time fan in Austin, Texas.

In the summer of 1970, when I was seventeen years old, I went to see Alvin Lee and Ten Years After in Houston. Procol Harum opened the show. All I knew about you was A Whiter Shade of Pale, a very nice song that had been played to death on FM radio. Not so with In Held 'Twas in I. I was completely converted that night. It was, to this day, the hands-down balls-to-the-wall best concert I ever went to.

Don Mehl

Dear Gary,
Very best wishes for a Healthy and Happy Birthday. You are a national treasure and we wish you continued success.
Warmest regards, Don Milione and Cindy Sammis (NYC) 

Hello from Corvallis, Oregon . Wishing you a grand birthday with many more to come.
Ed Dee

Hey Gary! Congratulations! You are like a bottle of fine wine that keeps getting better with age.

Wishing you many more years of good health, happiness and doing what you seem to really love best-playing your great music!
Ed Major
Syosset, NY, USA

Dear Gary,
Stewart and I want to wish you a wonderfully happy 70th birthday! You've been a gift and a blessing to countless people for 70 years just by being the man you are. Have a beautiful, blessed, happy and healthy year ahead!
God bless you.
With much love always,
Elizabeth Bryson

Dear Mr Brooker,

On your "round" birthday we wish you from the heart all the best, the best of health und fun of playing und singing!

After many years I last fall your songs hear - it was very, very nice. In November 2014 we were just in London in "Dominion Theatre" - it was great! We hear the songs every day.

We look forward to our reunion on 23 July 2015 in Winterbach!

Mrs Elisabeth and Mr Marian Resnitzek
Mainzer Str.4

Bad Soden-Salmuenster

Happy 70th birthday, Gary. And many, many more fantastic ones!
Evan Wagshul

Brooklyn, NY. USA
Member in good standing of "The Homburg Society". 

Happy birthday Gary!

Music is the thing – and you’re the king!

Greetings from the Last Orchestra, Sweden (Picture, right ... we had no candles…)

Johan Ezra Hasselberg

Dear Gary,
Many happy returns of the day! Thank you for your music and so many wonderful concerts and parties I have been able to attend. Keep on shining and rocking. Best wishes from Switzerland.

François Courvoisier, Neuchatel.


Your music has been a very big influence in our lives over the decades;, Procol just keeps getting better every time Lorraine and I see you . It has been great having got to meet you and the other fellows over the years. You are always so wonderful and genorus !

Lorraine and I will share a toast of merlot tonight for your 70th to another 70!

Have a fantastic BIRTHDAY

Lorraine and Gary Celebre
Brooklyn, NY USA

Happy Birthday Commander!

I'd like to thank you (and Keith) for helping to broaden the horizons of music in the late '60s and early '70s.

It's back in the over-commercialised doldrums these days but if you look, listen and dig hard enough, there's still some wonderfully adventurous music out there (like this) to enjoy – which can be traced back inevitably to the amazingly rich material you wrote back then ... 

Gary Haggarty (UK)

Gary, never met you but love your voice and music. A Whiter Shade of Pale was the first record I bought and didn't even have a record player at the time.  It was played at my first wedding and no doubt will be at my funeral one day.
I hope one day to meet you in person. Saw you at Civic Wolverhampton many, many years ago: loved the performance .

Hope you have great day
Gary Huston
Telford, UK

Happy Happy Birthday!
Here's wishing you the happiest and healthiest of birthdays Gary! You have been such a major musical influence to me since '67 and if it hadn't been for your wonderful compositions, vocals, and Procol Harum in its many iterations, I would not have kept music foremost in my life. It has also been an honor speaking with you and the band at length over the years, and on occasion having the pleasure of backing your vocals and performing for you at various Palers' Band festivals. Thank you for all your glorious music and inspiration through the years!
Gary Shepard
South Carolina

Hi Gary,
Congratulations on hitting your 70th! You have led a remarkable life, selflessly pouring your energy and talent into others. I celebrated my own 70th birthday last summer and note the presence of your music during 5+ decades. Thank you for being there during the peaks and valleys of my own life (a highlight for me was meeting you and the band in Denmark a few years back)..
May God bless you and your family. May He fill you with more great music, peace, love and a sense of purpose.
(Pastor) Gene Deverick and wife, Marti (USA)

Happy Birthday Gary,

Wishing you the happiest of Birthday Cheer surrounded by Wonderful Family and Friends.

May you keep a song in your heart and a dance in your step!

George and Rita Martin

Happy Birthday Gary from Tallahassee, Florida! T

hank you for music which has filled my life with joy! I turned on to Procol in 1972 when "Conquistador" was a hit in my high school days. I had the great honor of meeting you and the rest of PH after concerts in Miami in 1974 and Pompano Beach in 1995 (I was the lawyer prompting a "Psychiatrists and lawyers" remark from you), as well as seeing you perform AWSoP with Eric Clapton's band near Tampa in 1982. Come see us in Florida and bring the rest of Procol with you. I know some great seafood restaurants! Happy Birthday Gary!

Gerard York


Best wishes from John and me. We first saw you in Glasgow 1973. Since then twelve times in another eight cities. And you improve with age like a fine wine.

All the best, or as we say here, slainte mhath.

Gordon and John
Isle of Mull

Happy 70th Birthday! Many thanks for all the wonderful years of entertainment since I first heard you in 1967 to the present. Feel like I've known you forever, yet we've never met. Thanks for everything!

Graham Thornton (UK)

Birthday of one of the Greatest (with capital letter) singer-songwriter/ and Commander one of the best bands ever in pop history.

Gary, here from Voorburg Holland,  Long Live Love to you and Franky!

Hans Tammes

Dear Gary,
best wishes to your birthday from Germany. Thank you for the music. Have a nice day with your family and friends.
Hans and Doris (Germany)

Dear Gary,
It seems like only yesterday that I took a cake along to a Procol Harum concert in Pratteln (CH). The venue manager presented it to you on stage and you even cut into it while the crowd was singing happy birthday to you. That was a decade ago in celebration of your turning 60 and it still puts a big smile on my face when I think about it. I wish you good health, love, peace and happiness on your 70th birthday, without cake this time round, as a virtual one would not quite taste the same. Enjoy your special day and may you continue to shine on brightly! It will be a pleasure to see you again with Procol Harum in the summer. Thank you for the music, Gary!
All my best
Heidi Widmer
Kloten (Switzerland) 

Dear Gary
We celebrated your 69th in Freising, Germany - and what a good party that was.
This year their is no “official” party, but we will celebrate the day here in Lejre, Denmark.
Your complete work of music will on the stereo. Both the Paramounts, PH catalogue and your solo records will fill our house with joy and pleasure and will be a perfect background for drinking your toast.
We hope that both Franky and you will have a brilliant day, and that we shall meet again in the near future somewhere in Europe for another splendid concert/party.
We salute you. And thanks again for giving us such great music, that has now been part of our lives for nearly 50 years.
Have chicken from the farmyard, and put it in the oven in a bin. That’s the best dinner there is.
Helle and Henrik
Lejre, Denmark 

Dear Gary

Thank you for all the great music and setting a constant standard few can match.

Many congratulations on this auspicious occasion. 

All the best from a very warm Oman,

Ian Hockley

Dear Gary,

Happy 70th birthday and thank you for all of the wonderful music.

Best wishes

Ines Kindler from Germany

Happy birthday Gary Brooker.

Jan Roger Fundtaunet  (Norway)

Dear Gary,

Wishing you a very happy birthday. Living on the 'wrong' side of the planet, I haven't seen you or played Palers' Band music as much and as recently as the rest of my family.

However, the times I have done are truly memorable, and it's always your voice I listen to to give me the feeling of being 'at home'.

All the best for a wonderful day.

Jane Clare
(Western Australia)

Dear Mr Brooker,
Hope your 70th Birthday is your best so far. Want to thank you for decades of music which have been such a big part of my life. I cannot thank you enough. My hope is that you never stop playing and bring the band back to the States, in fact back to the Ft. Lauderdale area would be just fine.
Hope to see you soon.
Jeff Levine

Hey Gary,
Happy birthday man. I just turned 60 a few months back and PH has been part of my life, well, since forever!
I'm a drummer and your music has influenced me tremendously in my career.
Thank you and be well.
Jeff Nassi
Santa Rosa, USA. 

Dear Gary

Thank you, a BIG thank you, for your music. Music that greatly influenced my life in a good way, as it influenced the life for many other Procol Harum fans.
Thank you, a BIG thank you, for your generosity with us, the fans: your personality is as great and unique as your music.
Thank you, a BIG thank you for your professionalism and for helping us in our work with the website.
Thank you, a BIG thank you, for your friendship and for being the man you are.

All the best wishes for your day. Happy Birthday, a BIG happy birthday. May you shine on for many, many years to come, as your music will shine on forever.

Warm best wishes to you and Franky from Titti and me.

Jens from BtP

Happy birthday Gary Brooker

I've had many great concerts with Procol Harum in Denmark and Norway, First in KB Hallen in Copenhagen in 1970: I was 13. It was a wonderful occasion, I was hanging with people age 14 to 16, my first real concert experience. Wow it was fantastic, and it changed my life.

PH have been a great part of my life since then. Hope you will return to Norway then :)

Jeppe Sornum

Dear Gary,

You've been a huge part of my musical life since I was fifteen and as big an influence on me musically as anyone. 

A big thrill for me was backing you up on organ when you sang Poison Ivy with The Palers' Band at their  party in Lejre, Denmark back in '06.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more healthy happy musical years.

All the best,

Jeremy Gilien (Los Angeles, USA)

Dear Gary,
Wishing you an outstanding year.
Jim McCarthy

Dear Gary, all the best for You!

Greetings from Germany!
Jochen Celler

Hola Gary

FELICIDADES! And many more ...

Joey Barbosa
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Happy 70th Gary. I'm not far behind you. Enjoy your day and Thanks for all the great Music.
John Rieberger (Canada)

Hi Gary
I'd like to wish you a very Happy Birthday on your special BIG one! I hope you have a great time. Who would have thought we would both still be playing after all those years? I remember seeing The Paramounts on many occasions at The Shades and it was you (and Juppy) who introduced me to those Rock and Roll heroes. I've also seen Procol Harum a lot, with various different line ups and love the wonderful mix of bluesy, classical rock which you have blended into the band's style. Great stuff Gary!
Best wishes
John Bobin (Southend-on-Sea)

Have a great day and thanks for all your wonderful music which has been woven in to my life and still let there be more !
John Arter from Dorset

Shine On!
All the best
Jon Kasene

Dear Gary,

The two Danes of the Highlands of Scotland would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more to come.
Best wishes from

Juliette and Axel Leonhardt

Dear Gary,
Wishing you the best on your Birthday!

You have brought so much to my life, I wish there was a way I could pay you back!

May you always have Love, Peace and Happiness!

Sending a big hug from Cancun, Mexico !
Karla Sona

PS please come to Mexico!S

Dear Gary.
Happy 70th anniversary. I hope you will enjoy many more years with your music, fellow musicians, family and friends.
I am one of your long standing fans, listening to my first Procol Harum concerts in Copenhagen in the beginning of the seventies, later many more and also enjoying your latest BBC Symphonic Concert in London, November 2014. 
I enjoyed very much the making of a radio-interview with you in 1990, just before the reforming of Procol Harum. Unfortunately our much beloved BJ Wilson just then had passed away, and therefore could not do the octopussing in the reformed Procol Harum. I had a nice conversation with BJ's younger sister in London, November 2014, and she talked with warmth and love about her brother, and how he practised a lot at home on the drums, which made him so enthralling and fabulous.
Best wishes
Karsten Overgaard, 


You keep getting better and better as every year goes by. Love you!

Please say you will be in Boston next year!

Happy Birthday. Godbless!

Kathleen Leone (USA)

Bonne Anniversaire!
Three score years and ten….could be a song title
Keith Cooper

Happy Inter-galactic cosmic birthday! Seventy spins around the sun.. and your Homburg still fits !
Here's to 70 more !

Big love, Ken Stasion
Nyack, NY. USA

Dear Gary,

First, happy 70th birthday!

Jen and I wish you many more!

But most of all, thank you for your music and your willingness to perform for so many years. You have made many people very happy....especially us.

Kerry and Jen Holloway, New London, USA

Happy birthday, Mr Brooker. You still sound wonderful.

Kevin Holm-Hudson
Associate Professor, Music Theory
University of Kentucky

Lieber Gary,
herzliche Glückwüsche zu Deinem 70. ten Geburtstag und ich wünsche Dir ein tolles neues Lebensjahr. Habe vielen Dank für all die herrliche Musik, die Du komponiert und mit Procol Harum gespielt hast! Mach weiter so!
Liebe Grüße und shine on brightly
Klaus-Dieter Wippler

Dear Gary
Happy Birthday
Procol Harum has given me much enjoyment since 1967. I am 66 years old.  AWSoP is the best song ever.
I flew from Cyprus to Manchester for the Hallé concert and also in London for the BBC concert recently .
I would like to be close to PH family.
May God keep you under his protection.
You deserve much more recognition than you currently enjoy nothing less than the Pink Floyd

Kyriacos Avraamides in Nicosia

Congratulations Gary!
And thank you for all the Lovely moments I've had with you at the Concerts and at home with your Records!!
Lars Johansson
Ystad, Sweden 

Dear Gary
First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
And thank you for a life (mine) filled with fantastic and unpredictable tunes, which hooked me before my 13th birthday (Repent) as I recently had learned to play Bach's prelude on piano.
I actually was a fan for more than one year, where the Shine On Brightly album was played thin, before I even heard AWSoP :-)
Hope to see you in Aalborg again, where I have attended each PH concert since 1973 - latest one with DR Underholdningsorkestret, where In Held Twas In I was the real treat - thank you.
Best regards
Lennart Fischer

Dear Gary

Happy Birthday! I can't thank you enough for the many years of musical pleasure you have given to us all. Little did I realise when I first heard your voice on the radio in 1967, or when I went with Roland to my first Procol Harum gig 42 years ago, what a huge and wonderful impact you would have on our lives – and our children's! Long may it continue!

Do have an excellent and happy day, and we hope to see you again soon.

Very best wishes to you and Franky,
Linda Clare, Bristol UK

We salute the Captain and all his shipmates aboard the Salty Dog .We pay tribute to Gary who has steered his ship through storms and sunnier climes experiencing lulls along the way. The music most precious and joyous amidst the choppy seas.

The concern is I have bust my guts listening to your music for 48 years Gary, but there was no drugs shebangs or scandals. Otherwise we wouldn't be here Gary.

A hearty 70th from Lady Louise and Lord Jonathan Bellini

And we love you for always for the musical pleasures and delights proffered. We cut you some cake Gary! 70 candles" New lamps for old!

To Gary
(To be read in the spirit in which it was written…): I “know” Gary Brooker since I was a little boy, 7 or 8 I guess. As many of you, I “knew” him thru his music. And as for many of you, his music opened my mind and took me to places I’d never dare to exist. Every tune he writes, every song he sings, every moment of him on stage reflects the personality of a man who devoted his life to the art of music, the art of composing music, the art of expressing himself thru the music. I really came to know him, personally, two years ago. Not in my wildest dreams I would imagine one day I’d be conducting him like I did in those glorious Wuppertal days. Not in my wildest dreams I would imagine him calling me as his “new Brazilian friend”. And as your new Brazilian friend I would like to thank you, Gary, for all these years of deep and pure emotions. I wish you all the best in your seventies, hoping many more will come with brightly and shining music!
Luiz De Boni – Sao Paolo, Brazil

A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gary...

Lynn - the blonde - (Diane's friend) - Maud's gang!


Thank you, and congratulations Gary!

Keep on!!

Magnus Toner

Dear Gary, have a nice birthday
I am travelling from Chile to see you in Paris next 27 June, a long long distance !!
This is the first to time to watch you alive.
I love your music since I was ten years old.
Thanks for all your contributions to the history of music, the good music.
You all, Beatles and Dylan, are the best of ALL TIMES!
eternally grateful
Marcelo Miranda

Dear Gary,

Please take our best wishes for your special anniversary.
Thank you so much for the great music you gave us and for your great personality and kindness when we were lucky to meet you.
Please stay well and healthy, you are needed! :-)  
Have a great day and shine on!

Marianne and Wolfgang

Remembering my favourite May 29th, 1992 (image, right)! 

Hope you have a great day, Gary.
Kindest regards
Mark Fendt (London)

To one of my favorite musicians ever.

God bless you as you complete 70 years . and may you have many, many more great ones.

You are 29 days older than I,

Marty Brynildsen
Bethlehem USA

Hola! Gary:
I wish you a very Happy Birthday....Feliz Cumpleaños, Still There'll Be More...and More and More and More.

Best Wishes.
Martin J. Perez

Barcelona, Spain.

Thank you for having supplied me with wonderful music through nearly fifty years!
Music that is dramatic, melodic, varied, perfectly arranged and always followed by your soulful voice.
Best greetings from
Martin Lund

Gary - best wishes on this momentous occasion. Thanks for all the music!

Marvin Chassman
Wappingers Falls, NY

Happy 70th birthday, Gary Brooker.
And many more!
Thank you for all your wonderful music over the years. You are simply the best, Commander!
Warmest regards from a California fan,
Matt Giarrizzo

What can I say to impress you?
You’re already such a success!
This birthday card must make do,
for my favorite rock star, no less!
May (Vancouver) (card to right)

Thank you for all the music that you give, I have met you and enjoyed your company.

Many Happy Returns. and many more to come.
Mike Masterson (UK)

Best wishes on your 70th birthday.
It must be satisfying to know you have given so much to the world of music. Your skilful compositions have revealed an ability far beyond the norm in the world of modern music. Your ability to modulate and use the musical skeleton to its full ability are part of that skill, enhanced by tremendous memorable arrangements. I feel the band were denied their proper musical recognition by the wider public but maybe that has not been a bad thing.
I met you once briefly outside our rooms in the Radisson in Copenhagen where I simply said "Hello ... great show.” I've been across for the last two visits to Copenhagen and loved every show. Now the Danish Radio Orchestra have been saved, I hope there will be another show there.
The 2006 Danish concert is the best mix of modern group, orchestra and choir I have ever heard. In my work at the BBC, I make sure the director of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra is fully aware of that.
Happy birthday and may I wish you many years of good health and further musical output.
Best Wishes
Neil MacPherson

Please wish The Commander a very Happy 70th Birthday from me!

Neil Prebble,
Ashford UK

Happy birthday Commander. Over 40 years a big fan and still loving every bit of it:

Have a great birthday, keep doing special things,

Nick Bishop

Gary have a great birthday and I hope there's some something magic in the air!
Nigel Dutton (UK)

Happy birthday Gary,
Procol’s music is the most important thing of my childhood and you’re the best band ever !! Still the best after all those years !
Normand Despins


Here it is my birthday message to Mr Gary Brooker. Sorry, is in Spanish, because I am from México.

¡Hola Gary!

He sido un gran admirador suyo desde hace muchos años. Creo que es uno de los mejores compositores de art rock. Por eso, me siento feliz que cumpla 70 años. Pero antes que nada, lo que deseo decirle es un enorme ¡GRACIAS! (A BIG THANK YOU)

Por toda la música que nos has compartido todos estos años, por hacer de este mundo un lugar más feliz para tantas personas, por las horas de música que nos has brindado, por ser la voz inconfundible de Procol Harum. En fin, podría seguir y seguir, pero le estoy agradecido por toda la felicidad que me ha brindado con su música.

De hecho, siempre traigo música de PH y suya en mi teléfono celular, para hacer más feliz mi trayecto al trabajo.

Saludos desde la Ciudad de México y...


Octavio García

Hip Hip Hooray!

Dear Gary,
Although it is unlikely at this writing that I will be able to attend the grand celebration,
do know that the many kind inclusions and good times have always been looked upon fondly with great appreciation and thanks!
Likewise, do know that what you and Procol Harum have given me, the many friendships I’ve gained, and the unforeseen destinies we’ve traveled to will forever be uninterrupted memories.
Wishing you and Franky many more loving, peaceful, and musical years together!
One-Eye, Pat, Adrian and Sydney Edelist 

Dear Gary!

My biggest congrats and warmest wishes for you on your 70th birthday!

Thank you for your wonderful music.

Shine on!

Best regards,

Pål Høsteng, Norway

Happy 70th to the Commander!

Wishing you nonstop joy, love, health and blessings on this special birthday and for countless more years to come.

Thank you again, Gary, for being a hero, treasure and inspiration to so many of us.

Your voice still thrills and Procol will always be the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.


Pam Chwedyk in Chicago

Happy birthday Gary. Hope you're celebrating in style!

Love and best wishes.


Pam Quinn, UK

You (and Procol Harum) are truly the only artist(s) I would ever travel out of Kansas City to see in concert.  I think (or hope) that says a lot about the special nature of what you and Keith and your band of hooligans have created.
All the best for several more great years of creativity and some more concerts here in the USA – and Kansas City even!
Pat Keating
Kansas, USA

Happy 70th Gary

Thank you for some great concerts we have been to over the years From The Rainbow to Chiddingfold Christmas gigs + 30 years at Redhill and earlier this year at The Dominion.

Looking forward to seeing you at Hurtwood soon.

Paul and Jill Toms
West Sussex

Happy 70th, Gary!

The art you have created has meant more to me than any other endeavour by any other artist, since I first heard your voice on the radio in May of 1967.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday celebration, accompanied by raucous music, scantily-clad dancers and copious amounts of fine alcohol!

Conversely, a quiet night at home with family or friends and retiring early probably better suits folks of our advanced age!

All the best!

Paul Wolfe

Gary, I hope you are having the happiest of birthdays on your 70th. I rediscovered your music about a year and a half ago listening to AWSoP in “Denmark” on line. Went back to your works of the 60s and 70s and the new.

Have listened to and watched and love it all. Your voice is never changing and magnificent. I am a huge fan. Your music got me through some tough times and I thank you for that.

So again, Happy Birthday and hoping you have many more.

Paula Blanchette
Seattle, USA

My life would not be the same without your music.

All the best to you, dear Gary. I wish some day not too far in the future we could see Procol Harum live in Spain.

Pedro J López Quintana.

Per Rosenquist Helsingborg  Sweden

Dear Gary

Being born in the 1980s I might seem to have missed the main Procol boat but in fact, given that both my immediate ancestors are dyed-in-the wool fanatics, I drank in your music from the earliest age. Can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed it, on record and especially live. It’s been lovely gathering in various countries to attempt to play it, and meeting lots of memorable people, including the band of course, through a shared enjoyment of your excellent tunes and distinctive harmonies.

Many thanks and all the best for a very happy birthday.

Peter Clare, Bristol

Many congratulations on your 70th Birthday.
Many thanks for 50 years of musical pleasure. With the hope of many more to come.
In my opinion you are an unsung national treasure; to me the lack of wider recognition, both by the British music press and the public at large, has always been a mystery to me.
Have a wonderful day and already looking forward to Ewhurst next month.
Peter Cohen (UK)

Phil Sartori Happy 70th Mate! You may never know how much you and Procol Harum have influenced my musical tastes and enjoyment.

It gave me great pleasure to invite friends over to preview your music, which I still merrily hum along to on a frequent basis.

Hope you're around for quite some time so we can see "the real deal'

Ahoy;-) Phil Sartori (USA)

Dear Gary.
Happy birthday. I hope to hear you sing many years to come. Hope to see you in Denmark soon.
Have a nice day.
Best regards
Poul Pedersen
(A fan since 1967).

Dear Maestro of The Eternal Music.

Hope you liked the heading. Turning 70 is something I hope to do by the end of the next 8-9 years. Until then I will play my Procol Harum and Gary Brooker albums as I have been doing since Day 1 in 1967.

All the best to you and your wife. Shine on!
From Ragnar Soeberg in Norway

Happy birthday Gary Brooker,

Thanks to have so much patience in playing A Whiter Shade of Pale
000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.

My favourite, Live at the Union Chapel; a wonderful combination of your melancholic voice, organ and words

Reinier Nijenhuis
near Rotterdam, Holland

Hello Gary,
Sincere thanks for almost 50 years of absolutely great music and great concerts. Wishing you Something Magic for your 70th.
Best to you and Franky,
Rich Williams (USA)


Seventieth Birthday greetings to a remarkable treasure. 

Your life, your marriage, and your music remain an affirmation of all that makes life on this planet a blessing.  

Take the day off and then get on with it.  Your legacy is far from done.

Richard Beck
Memphis USA 

Happy Birthday Gary for today and many more !

Best wishes,

from Richard Kierton
currently living in Buxton UK


I think I have every recording -- commercial and otherwise, audio and visual -- you've ever done. I honestly feel the integrity of the body of your work is Pantheon-worthy with the other few greats in modern music. I've only seen Procol five times live after starting to listen in earnest since the day Grand Hotel came out. I adopted Procol as my band and have worn your music with personal pride. When I first saw you in Rome at the tennis stadium, you were in the wings and for a short second, made eye contact with me in the first row. I dragged my children to the show because they'd heard your music their entire life and know my "collection." Imagine your reaction if you'd had a similar minute interaction with Ray Charles or Bobby Bland or Elvis or whomever. It was a moment I’ll never ever forget. My all-time, A1 musical hero smiled at me. Wow. Incredibly for me, a mere few weeks later, I saw Procol at the Fillmore and it happened again. Over the moon!
I teach in a Catholic school in San Francisco and have played Within Our House numerous times (very loudly!) in church. There's yet another generation that has been profoundly moved by your voice and spirit.
Thanks are all I have, but it's not enough for the absolute joy you've provided.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy for you deserve all best wishes and happiness. God bless you, Gary!
Richard Moseley
Brisbane, CA USA

I have followed your music since 1967 and enjoyed it immensely, most recently at the Dominion gig.
I have also met you twice at Club Riga for No Stiletto Shoes gigs when I won the raffled CD from your collection and you signed them all for me.
The words 'true gentleman' are much bandied about these days but you are clearly that.
A new Procol CD would be great.
Happy birthday
Richard Sanders (UK)

Hi Gary - with the bestest of best wishes for your birthday from Sue and Rob Barnes in the South of France but usually in South Shields.

Have a great year ahead.

Dear Gary,

Have a wonderful and joyful  birthday. Your music has been so inspiring and powerful, that it is hard to put into words how much it has meant to me. Your music is  timeless and your voice just keeps getting better with age ( like fine wine). Procol Harum has always had a special place in my heart and I look forward to following your career for years to come. Keep playing, keep writing and keep singing. Shine on!
Robert A. Kloner MD, PhD
(formerly known as Disc Jockey #6). (USA)

Happy Birthday Gary.

We are blessed to have your artistry as part of our lives.

Robert Lawrie

Dear Commander Brooker,

We last met at Procol Harum's concert (with Yes) in San Jose.

For your birthday we have secured two Celebrity Guest Passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for your next visit, and hope you return here soon.

Happy Birthday !

Robert Moselle
Kristen Knutson
Monterey, USA

You have a very great day!

From Roger Johnson

Salt Lake City, USA 

Dear Gary

Just to wish you the very best for your birthday, and many happy returns.

Your magic ability – to write and perform material that every listener feels is speaking solely to them – paradoxically unites a great band of admirers who enjoy realising that in fact it doesn't ... it speaks to all of us, right across the United Nations of Music. This has given so many people great and lasting friendships and fun, in addition to our decades-long admiration for your singing, playing, mysterious wit and showmanship: so, a thousand thanks for everything!

I hope you enjoy 2015's upcoming performances with your great musical allies, and that there will be many more splendid events to look forward to in years to come.

All the best to you and Franky,
Roland from BtP

Happy Birthday, Gary. Best wishes to you!

Thank you from a fan who first saw the Band at the Concert in Stuttgart / Germany together with the Bee Gees in 1968.

See you in Winterbach/Germany ... Shine on.

Rolf Kindler (Germany)

70 years and still shining brightly!

Happy birthday to you Mr Brooker and many, many more years in good health.

Hope to see you back in Holland for a performance someday.
Ronald Kamies
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

To an amazing songwriter, singer, piano player, arranger -


From Ronnie D'Addario

Happy Birthday Commander!
Wishing the best of Birthdays to "the best of the best". You have made this world a much better place since the "Summer of Love" when we were introduced to your majestic talent.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with our huge universe.
Sandra Selman

Gary, you have brought so much joy to me and my friends and family that words can not do it justice. Since the day I met you at the Plaza Hotel in NYC in 1973, you have enriched my life.

Happy birthday Gary. Enjoy this momentous day. 

Scott Siminofsky

Hollywood, Florida


I want to wish you a Happy 70th Birthday! Thank you and Procol Harum for the many hours of listening pleasure you have provided me over the last 25 years.

I was glad to be able to see you in Boston in 2010 and 2012. There's something understated but profoundly moving about the music.

I was happy to see that Procol Harum received a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It gave me a chance to brag about how great band you are.

Rock on!!!

Sean Flaherty
Natick MA

Your Argentine friend wishes you the best for you and your family!
Great thanks for all the joy and spiritual healing you give through your incredible music!
Silvio Arbiser
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gary - happy birthday. Thanks for all the music: it’s been a great part of my life.

I first saw Procol Harum at Sheffield City Hall in, I think, 1975. We were on the front row and had some good banter with BJ.

Also saw you in the outdoor gig in Museum Gardens in York (1977 I'd say supported by Pat Travers Band).

It was prophetic in 2012 when you guys played at the Paramount in Denver the day before I moved back to England after living there 2½  years!

The great triumph was the Dominion gig last year. I had never tried to brainwash my wife – her idea of music is Westlife – anyway I brought my wife and daughter to the gig and they loved it!

Thanks for the music and the memories. Hope you are still ‘Strong as Samson’.

Simon Kelly
Rotherham, England

No spumante this time to present our best wishes but in any case a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY (buon compleanno) by mail. We'll keep the bottles (some other 70 bottles)  in the fridge to be opened for your next 70 birthdays.
Un abbraccio
Stefano and Andrea Ciccioriccio
Rome, Italy

Dear Gary,
Happy 70th Birthday. Many thanks for the wonderful music and milestones in all our lives. That's Milestones not MILLSTONES!!!!
Regards The Dickos (UK)
Stephen Dixon

As I get older, I find it more and more difficult to find things worth commemorating - especially things that happened five or more years before my birth. There have been quite a few memorable milestones celebrated this year, but none has caused me to celebrate the way I intend for Friday this week. Quite simply, some lives change our lives profoundly and forever; and those changes endure across generations. Something profound happened that winter school morning in 1967 when I was drawn by the sounds coming from an old radiogram, and we spent our precious free time listening over and over to a song which entranced us all. Many of us then suspected (with all the arrogance of youth) that we had discovered real genius. And half a century later, it seems we were right after all. While we felt so far away from the 'summer of love' then (after all it was mid-winter in Melbourne Australia), many of us felt deeply touched in a personal way by muses we scarcely understood, yet recognised and nurtured. And so began an intense and lifelong love affair with music, often spearheaded by the recordings of Procol Harum. It became obvious that this band was no mere assemblage of modern troubadours; this music ploughed deep furrows of popular culture through music which still defies categorisation. Maybe it was the voice, or the songs, or the playing, or the unique blend of sounds, rhythms and textures? Through the years, the blinding talent of Gary Brooker has inspired so much and so many. Thank you Gary for changing my life back then, and enriching it so often in so many ways ever since. It has been a lifelong privilege just to listen to your music; I have been blessed even more by your personal kindness and grace. Few people in life have given me so much, and your seventy years has been a treasure trove in so many ways. So many of us have so much to celebrate on your anniversary, and I'm sure all the love you have kindled will reach you on this day.

With very best wishes from the Australian PH chapter; Stephen, Amanda, Stephanie, Elly, Abby, Emilia and James Wallace.

Hi Gary;
I'm the pianist from Toronto who's transcribed 27 songs from Procol's first 4 albums (sent them to Roland). There's nothing like doing an exact transcription of all the parts from someone's compositions to really appreciate the talent behind the songs. And more than ever I've come to appreciate not only your writing more, but also your piano playing.
And so I say, on the event of your 70th birthday, the very best of greetings to you, warm wishes for continued health and enjoyment of life, and a huge thank you for your extraordinary music and all the pleasure it's given me and all the fans around the world.
I hope you get the inclination sometime soon to put my Walkin' To New Orleans piano CD on your stereo system and have a listen. We have very similar roots!
Happy Birthday!
Best, Steve Hunter
Toronto, Ontario

I became aware of Procol Harum in the early 70s, and after buying a couple of second hand Procol Harum albums from a cash strapped mate at school, I became a fan for ever more.

Many line-ups, too few albums, but two constants: quality music and Gary.

Now, as he enters his own personal 70s, I say thank you, and wish him well.

The school? Westcliff High, of course.
Stuart Grant, Leigh on Sea

Congratulations with your 70th birthday, Gary! Hope to see you again soon somewhere in Scandinavia!
Mvh Svein Hermansen (Norway)


Happy 70th birthday ... and thank you for the life-changing music over the years. 

It is a part of me.

Tim Renaud (USA)

Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the great music.

What do you give someone who has given so many great gifts.

Warm Regards,
Tito Davila

Happy Birthday Gary!

Procol was my favorite band for a very long time. With Cerdes, Repent Walpurgis and In Held 'Twas In I ... you started progressive rock!

I just always took a liking to your music. You're gifted, yet humble.

To another 70 years!

Good luck,
Tom Peeke from Kansas City

(The devil came from Kansas)

Lá Breithe Gary Brooker.
Happy Birthday Gary from all your friends in Belfast and best wishes also to Franky. Only 70? Plenty of gas left in the tank yet!
Tony O'Prey 

HB to GB!!

From Italy!

Umberto + Lory + Aurora (picture, right)

Happy Birthday from Italy, Great Gary!

One of the best musicians of the last fifty years.

I grow up with your music, and finally I'll be able to attend your concert in Bellinzona, Switzerland, next July 24th.

Best greetings.
Valentino Lenoci

Dear Gary,
My warmest regards on your birthday!
I have no words for what you have meant for me in terms of appreciation of music. 
You have done things which will survive for aeons.
Hoping for many more concerts in Denmark.
All the best
Villy Rasmussen

Dear Gary,
Love to you on the celebration of your 70th year.
A heart-bursting thank you for all your glorious music.
Vince Budd
South Uist, Western Isles, Scotland.

I hope you have a magnificent 70th birthday!

I've been a fan of your music since your first album in the 60s...and still listen often.

Thank you for bringing such pleasure to the world...

Enjoy your day,

Vivien Perge Eisenstat (USA)

Dear Gary,

I and my Brother Klaus wish you a happy Birthday and all the best .

Werner Wingerter from Germany

thanks for all the music, it's been a joy and an amazing journey and experience, with hopefully more to come.

Best regards from Australia.

Will (Pumpkin Joe)

Dear Mr. Brooker,

May your 70th birthday be a joyous one. I would also like to thank you for all your wonderful music. It has been an important part of my life.

William Bejda
Illinois USA

Your work has carried me through my entire life 1967 through today. Not only have you entertained me, you have taught me, restored me and sustained me. No words can describe what your music has meant for me.

You’re still in good voice, I will remind you that Col. Harlan Sanders (yes, the chicken guy) said “A man will rust out faster than he wears out”.

Bless you… come back to America.

If I had an address I'd send you a gift !
William Pellegrini

Happy birthday Gary !

Long live at you and Procol Harum !

A great fan since 1967 from Belgium.

Willy Delporte

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