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Procol Harum Convention "In Held 'Twas N.Y."

Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers

Remind me, where is it and when?
12 July, Westbury, Long Island at Mirelle's Continental Restaurant and Catering, 170 Post Avenue Westbury, NY 11590

Doors open and celebration starts promptly at 2.30 pm. There are TWO parties, one before the Procol Harum concert and other directly after. On past experience, everyone comes to both for the whole time.
All the information you need is here, and here's a summary

Saturday afternoon 12 July 2.30 onwards Party at Mirelle's, with meal and music
Saturday evening 7pm for 8pm Procol Harum in concert
Saturday night About 10.15 onwards Party at Mirelle's, with more music

Where can I park my automobile?
There's ample parking at Mirelle's.

Where's my ticket
There is no physical ticket, but if you booked just state your name at the door, and you'll be issued with a badge that will get you in to both parties.

Can I get in on the day without prior booking?
No. There won't be space or food. Sorry.

Is it sold out, then?
We had to find some additional 'tickets' and they're practically all gone too.

People from far and wide?
Not by comparison with the European conventions, but many people are coming from far-flung parts of North America; and a few from Europe and beyond.

Will there be groovy merchandise and goodies?
It would be pretty difficult for BtP to bring merch over from Europe for such an affair. Anything we would have brought, you can order from The BtP Store , where deliveries will resume in late July

So what happens at the Convention?
It's primarily a social event, a kind of antidote to the online world. You'll actually meet fellow PH fans, chat with them, eat and drink together, and listen to live music

What's on the menu, and have I already paid for it?
In good time before the Procol Harum concert here will be a buffet with various choices of food, including meat, fish, chicken and vegetarian options. You have already paid for this, so please enjoy.

After the Procol Harum concert, there will be a bar menu of selected small food. We all sometimes get hungry at night, don't we? The bad news is that you have NOT paid for this and will be charged by the restaurant.

For the avoidance of doubt ... you need to pay separately for the Procol gig. That's a matter between you and the venue.

What is there to drink, and have I already paid for it?
There will, of course, be a bar at the venue with choices of alcoholic and non anlcoholic drinks. This is not included in your ticket (you did hope for a second it was, didn't you?). You just pay to the waiters.

Who's playing the live music?
Two bands: Tito Davila's Broken Barricades is an established and well-rehearsed outfit who will be playing a fine set of Procol covers. The Palers' Band is a scratch ensemble that will have met for almost two days' rehearsal, so the results will be more varied ... but still very good fun.

I want to be part of this. Why does the Palers' Band sign-up page not work?
Sign-up closed many weeks ago. Sorry you missed it ... keep an eye out and get in next time.

How do I find out where Tito's band is playing next?
By clicking here.

So will there be a keynote speaker?
There certainly will. A well-known New York Procol fan will be giving a talk drawing directly on first-hand social and professional experience of Procol contacts: it's entitled, in characteristic and inimitable style, 'Unsteady Freddie's Collection of Recollections about Purple Harry's Broken Arm'. Draw your own conclusions.

True, rare film-shows were a feature of our parties and conventions in pre-YouTube days. The prime attraction, though, has always been spending time with fellow-fans of this great music.

Special guests?
Procol Harum themselves top the guest-list as always. Another distinguished musical guest, however, is ace bassist, author and teacher Jack Vees, who will be making a very special and unusual contribution to the proceedings  Six years later, this remarkable contribution has been filmed, so you may go to YouTube and watch this short musical film,

Will everyone be leaving the Convention to go to the PH soundcheck?
No. The band's soundchecks are not open to visitors; and anyway, you'd be missing your meal.

How will I get to the Procol gig from the afternoon party, and back again afterwards?
The Procol gig is just a short walk away, in the same street.

I heard that charabancs* were laid on at the last Convention
Please glance at the map on this page and note the scale at the bottom of it. No transport ('transportation') will be necessary. .

Can I take photographs at the Convention?
Of course (if you like to send copies to, submission guidelines are here) but please stay aware that members of Procol Harum at BtP's parties are in socialising mode it's not like a press conference so their health and happiness are best-served if photographers are not over-attentive

OK, I get the picture. Or maybe just a couple of pictures?
Exactly :-)

I'm already looking forward to the next Convention ... but when is it?
To keep abreast of Procol-related developments, sign up for our occasional newsletter

* Note from Jens: This is one of Roland's (at least to me) completely meaningless words. So I had to Google it: Charabanc - An early form of bus, used typically for pleasure trips. Origin: early 19th century: from French char--bancs 'carriage with benches' (the original horse-drawn charabancs having rows of bench seats).

So there you have it. It is a bus!

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