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Procol Harum in Wuppertal, 2013

Advance publicity in the Stadthalle programme

One strong reason why it's urgent for fervent Procoholics to book their Wuppertal tickets now – the Historic Town Hall has just published their brochure (cover above)
which devotes plenty of space to the Procol Harum / Choir / Orchestra / Dancers gigs on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 April 2013

This will be Procol's backing band for both evenings. Incidentally, when the Friday and Saturday concert sell out there is sadly no possibility
of a third concert (as memorably happened in Copenhagen): the orchestra has another engagement on the Sunday night

Some songs stay with you your whole lifetime... ! ... and one of these songs is almost certainly  A Whiter Shade of Pale by the Englishmen, Procol Harum. Most
of us guessed  – and since 2008 it's pretty well official – a BBC chart named it the most-played song on the airwaves, worldwide. And it's now possible, for two days,
to bring Procol Harum together on stage with the Sinfonieorchestra Wuppertal and the Kantorei Barmen Gemarke, as an event unique throughout Germany.  The
140-member ensemble will be accompanied by Jo Ann Endicot, Bénédicte Billiet, Alexandros Sarakasidis and Safet Mistele, dancing an excerpt from Kontakthof  für
. [Translated by Michael Ackermann, who adds ... 'that last bit is a misunderstanding. They're not dancing  Kontakthof ... (which is approximately the name of a piece by
Pina Bausch)  but a fresh piece of choreography by Jo Ann Endicott to one Procol Harum number, to be selected once The Commander has determined what songs will be played.']

And on a different page, the same text again ... for emphasis!

Thumbnails of the magnificent rooms in the Historic Town Hall ... bottom row, room three, is booked by BtP for the Aftershow Buffet on the Friday night!

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