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Booking your tickets for the 2013 Convention at is a beautifully-clear website. Even if your German is vestigial, or non-existent, just follow these simple steps, and you really can't go wrong.

'Suche' means 'search'. Type the single word 'Procol' in the box underneath it

'Künstler' means 'artist' : ignore everything else, and click your mouse-pointer on the word 'procol' directly beneath it

Four categories present themselves, in English. Our offer for discounted Procol Harum tickets has ended, so you are looking just for F3 or S3 now.
Click on 'Tickets jetzt kaufen' in the appropriate pink box to the right. It means 'Buy tickets now'

This tells you that you can buy tickets here and print them at home. Click on 'Los Geht's', which means something like 'Let's go' or 'Begin'

Under 'Die Veranstaltung' ('The event') there's some wording telling you what you've have selected to purchase ... 
in this case, Procol tickets and the Aftershow Buffet Reception (though the Procol tickets option is now sold out).
Press 'Weiter' which means not 'whiter' but 'go on'

It's pretty easy to guess what you need to phil in here

Some small print now:: 'For your own safety, the tickets you are now buying over the Internet are issued in the name of a particular ticket-owner.
The ticket-owner has to identify him- or herself at the entrance to the event by showing valid ID or passport.
If you're buying tickets for more than one person, one of them must be named as the ticket owner. The companions are not specified by name.'

So underneath that you choose either 'Das Ticket is für mich' ('the ticket's for me') or
'Ich verschenke das Ticket' (I'm buying it as a present')

This is the paying bit. If you can't read German, you're probably going to pay by credit-card.
The big white box is for the number, and 'Kartenprüfziffer' is the three-digit code on the back

Put ticks in the two boxes at the bottom
(to signify that you've read the terms and conditions, etc, in German),
and finally click 'Tickets kaufen' ('Buy tickets').

Easy, innit!

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