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BtP's Posh Buffet • 5 April 2013 • Wuppertal, Germany

Pictures by Thomas Raa Olsen

These pictures show fans – and Procol Harum – gathering to eat and socialise in the Salle Rossini, the lowest storey of the Historic Town Hall where Procol Harum played their first German choral/orchestral concert of the present century. The organisers of the 'Echoes in the Night' Convention – namely the combined teams of 'Beyond the Pale' and 'Whaling Stories' had booked this restaurant, and caterers. The fans and the band provided the rest! Scroll down the page and see whom you recognise ... sadly we don't know enough names to make a good job of captioning all these pictures ... please don't be offended if we haven't included your name ... there's been no attempt at completeness here.


This shot includes Chris Young from Los Angeles

This shot includes Jens Anders Ravnaas from Norway (not from The United States)


This shot includes a Mr Whitehorn from Gravesend in the UK


This shot includes a Mr Cooke and a Mr Dunn from a well known band

This shot includes two Whitehorns and a Pegg


This shot includes Mr and Mrs Brooker ... and Ms Sinikka Heikkilä from Helsinki

This shot includes lots of diners, but you can't see the exceptional quality of the food

This shot includes two persons surnamed Touzeau

Scotsman alert!

This shot includes one person who uses the surname 'Awsop'

This shot includes the lovely Kari Warhuus from Norway

You're never far from a Salty Dog tee-shirt at gatherings like these

This shot includes an Ackermann and an Alfaiate

This shot includes Paul and Rolf, from Germany

This shot includes Torjus Ravnaas and kin

This shot shows a webmaster introducing two Los Angelenos to each other; and Josh Phillips

This shot shows a conversation between an Italian personage and a German personage, probably happening in English


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