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Echoes in the Night • 6 April 2013

Photographs from Live Club Barmen • Gary Shepard

Saturday afternoon: Fresh Fruit with Gary Shepard (guitar), vocalists George Lovell and Dave Ball, and Runar Todok on harmonica

Two Clares contributing a bit of Fresh Fruit on the Norwegian marimba

Dave Ball ripping on his own tune, GonnaDoThis, GonnaDoThat

The Triangle Section – for Saw the Fire – Tito Davila, Rainer Emerson, Marvin Chassman


'Little Beth' Pellegrini waiting backstage in the band room

Roland on bass, with harmonising vocalists Luiz and Antonio, belting out About to Die

Eye-contact: Roland and Peter Clare, father and son, the former introducing (not singing) McGreggor, which he's poised to play

David Goodwick looking dapper while playing Procol's Yours If You Want Me

Backstage, the very dapper Jonas Söderström: a matching ensemble with tie, Roland's guitar and walls

GonnaDoThis, GonnaDoThat with Gary Shepard, Dave Ball, and David Goodwick

The percussion section with Peter Clare (drums) and Don Milione (Hammond) on Saw the Fire

Gary Shepard playing bass on Hear What You’re Saying

Luiz Di Boni conducting Saw the Fire (one tune that the Palers' Band played twice: the second time, the vocalist was Gary Brooker)

A little Home Loving with Gary Shepard, David Goodwick, and Ian Hockley

Home Loving with Justin Tetlow, Gary S, David G, Ian, and Antonio

Peter Clare at the piano, playing About to Die with Wolfgang Lieke on drums

Most of the Palers' Band gathers, at the end of the Saturday afternoon section of the 'Echoes in the Night' celebrations,
for a group photograph after playing an extended A Whiter Shade of Pale with a fresh-ish minor-key introduction and a fine guitar solo.
After this, it was 'back on the bus' to hear Procol Harum give their Saturday evening concert with chorus and orchestra

Roland, Poul, and Jonas looking their very best: there had been contradictory discussion on the band's mailing-list about what should be worn for the performances. Roland, however,
was not to be seen on stage in this absurd regalia. He wore the coat (Gary Brooker's, from the 1970s) only for the last scheduled number of the night, to advertise its imminent sale on eBay

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