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Procol Harum at Washington DC, USA

Report from Wayne Smith ē 4 August 2012

The Warner Theatre in downtown Washington DC was a good venue for the band.  After several outdoor shows in record heat and humidity, the Warner is a classic old theatre with good acoustics and a robust air conditioning system.  When the show started at 7:30 the hall was about 90% full and by mid way through there was only a scattering of empty seats anywhere.  

The band played the same set of tunes as described in earlier reviews.  Brookerís voice was a little hoarse for the first few minutes but by the second song he was sounding as good as good as ever.  Itís really remarkable how powerful and expressive his voice is this far into his career.  The Yes fans seemed to hold the majority in the crowd but they were appreciative from the first song.  They gave the band a really warm reception and by the end of the show I think there were many new Procol fans, judging from the applause and the busy souvenir stand at intermission..  In all there were four standing ovations.  

The crowd stayed on its feet at the end of the show until the band left the stage.  The band members were clearly enjoying themselves throughout the performance and they concluded the evening with a group bow complete with big cheesy grins.

Iíve been a devoted fan of Procol Harum since their first album but somehow this is the first time Iíve seen them live.  My expectations were so high: I was sure they wouldnít be all I expected ... but they were, and then some.  Every member of the band gave flawless performances and Geoff Whitehorn on lead guitar gives Roy Buchanan competition for the title of 'Best Guitar Player You Never Heard Of'.  Thatís the highest praise I can give a guitarist.  

My only regret is that I have missed this experience for all those years.  Sure hope they come by once again.

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