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Items of Procol Harum tour memorabilia for auction

Proceeds shared by the BJ Wilson Fund / 'Beyond the Pale'

Bid for this item at eBay

When Procol Harum toured the world in 2003, promoting their new album The Well's on Fire, they gradually accumulated strange toys and crazy mementoes – by the time the Union Chapel DVD was filmed, the stage was strewn with seagulls, pigs, clockwork mice, models of George W Bush (former president of America and best-selling author), a singing M&M homunculus, a stately galleon, a Baby Dumpling, and a fat old Buddha carved in gold.

Gary Brooker has invited 'Beyond the Pale' to auction a few of the surviving items at eBay, the proceeds to be divided between The BJ Wilson Fund (through which Gary is able to help BJ's family) and 'Beyond the Pale'.

So we're inviting bids for this fetching mannequin of George W Bush – which has been seen many times on stage with Procol Harum, most notably perched athwart the Plexiglas drum-screen during Procol Harum's famous Union Chapel DVD concert. It is neatly made in strong rubbery plastic; the arms and legs swivel in hip and shoulder joints, and the head turns in a suitably realistic fashion. Mr Bush is attired in a charcoal gray suit, white collared shirt and a snazzy polka-dotted necktie. His ankle-socks are black, and his footgear is mo(u)lded in black rubber.

To customise – Procolise, if you will – this appealing souvenir, however, the band have removed one of the Presidential shoes:

They took your money, and your shoes
I guess you’ve got The Wall Street Blues 

The effigy is pictured below with Gary –  in the control room of the studio in his barn in deepest Surrey, UK.


Note the missing (left) shoe. We imagine the lucky purchaser may well wish to remove the right shoe as well


Not to be confused with inferior Potus mannequins, this flattering simulacrum has toured the world with a top British rock band


Gary Brooker in the control room of his studio at home, allowing the bidder to apprehend the relative sizes of the two great men

Between the arrows, the former politician as he appears in the Union Chapel Procol DVD, on
the clear sound-wall surrounding Mark Brzezicki's drumkit (sound-check photo by One-Eye)

This item will soon be live at eBay | Another stage item for sale

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